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We are your strategic partner in creating lasting change in health outcomes.


Navigating a disease and its treatment is tough. Tough on patients, tough on their care partners and tough on their healthcare professionals. With so much on the line, it is critical that your support programs deliver. We understand this and are uniquely positioned to collaborate as your strategic partner. Together, we can achieve the lasting change in healthcare outcomes.

Tailor patient engagement; when, where, and how they prefer.

To make a difference in the lives of patients and improve their treatment experience and outcomes, we deliver tailored support throughout the disease and patient journey. You can rely on the omnichannel technology we offer to meet the individual patient’s needs and preferences and our properly trained field and remote personnel to address their concerns and support them along the way.

You can rely on our deep knowledge, based on data and behavioral insights.

In order to best support patients, we first need to understand what drives their behavior. Our deep knowledge, based on motivational patient interviewing techniques and real-time data analyses of each individual patient’s interaction with technology, drive impactful program solutions. These programs, based on clinical, functional, behavioral and psychosocial needs, support the whole patient, empowering and motivating them along their treatment journey.

We rise to the challenge to innovate and shape patient support.

– Ian Riches, Head of Patient Solutions, Europe

What we do.

We draw upon years of diverse experience in healthcare and are at our best when we come together as a team to drive better engagement solutions. You can trust that we will partner with you to deliver inspired support program that are:

Patient centric

Backed by data

Personalized and innovative

Drawn upon behavioral science

Based on the latest technology

Deliver safe clinical care

Empowering for patients, care partners and HCPs

Just consider.

>600,000 successful patient interactions

Experience in 30+ therapeutic areas including rare and orphan diseases

25 years’ experience in providing Patient Services

200+ programs launched

Award winning programs

Global solutions with local reach

Disease is consistent across borders; support solutions for patients, their care partners and healthcare professionals should be too. Our team is experienced in local regulations and culture so they can consult with you to create and activate the required support program when and where needed.

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Patient and HCP Helplines

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Meet our team of engagement experts

Ian Riches

Head of Patient Solutions Europe

Stephanie Varden

European Implementation Manager

Javier Salguero

Head of Patient Solutions, Iberia

Andrea Gertz

Head of Patient Solutions DACH

Sheelagh Prendergast

Head of Patient Solutions Ireland

Elaine Neil

Head of Clinical Excellence & Operations, Patients Solutions

Caroline McGlynn

Head of Clinical Solutions, UK

We are committed to meeting your program requirements every step of the way.

We will prioritize and measure your goals through key indicators in:


Clinical engagements



Connect with an expert.

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