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Independent Industry Benchmark Reporting.

The PURE Report collects and distils insights from over 7,000 HCPs and Patients to help pharmabiotech manufacturers pinpoint the most critical issues relating to patient support programs and gain insight into how their own programs rank compared to others.

Patient services Utilization, Recognition, and Experience (the PURE Report).

The PURE Report is an independent, annual industry benchmark of patient and HCP satisfaction, utilization, and evolving needs across patient support programs. With the PURE Report, you have the necessary foundation upon which to build the most effective engagement and support programs for patients and healthcare providers.

Each year, PURE reporters conduct physician and patient research in the three therapeutic areas of oncology, neurology and immunology. Over 6,000 HCPs and 1,700 patients have participated in our studies to date, providing valuable insights on support programs from both the HCP and patient perspective.

An independent product of Nuvera, part of Inizio Engage, the PURE Report delivers:

A deeper understanding of the needs and voice of the HCPs and patients you serve

Improved clarity of the organizational priorities, structure, and operational framework needed for success

An analysis of the competition in your brand space

Your market ranking

Why use the PURE report?

By using the data and analysis provided in the PURE Report, you can:

  • Gain insights into the current state importance of certain services and delivery mechanisms
  • Understand program performance across therapeutic areas
  • Determine practice dynamics and business processes
  • Uncover where future investments will be necessary to support patients and HCPs

Ultimately, the PURE Report is the tool you need to help improve the results at each touchpoint throughout the patient experience.

Designed specifically to provide better understanding of engagement within the quickly evolving patient support space, the PURE Report:

  • Informs how channel strategy, field support and digital investments interplay with the patient support program to create the full treatment experience
  • Creates understanding on the areas of greatest customer and organizational need across seven indices.
  • Aligns the organization and its leadership to address areas of high satisfaction, but also to meet unmet needs and investigate opportunities to evolve their patient support programs.
  • Ensures long-term understanding and impact by informing strategic decision making on patient support program services and their requisite investments.

Capturing insights about the patient support programs of top brands.

The PURE Report rates performance of the patient support programs of leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their select specialist areas across seven key indices and other relevant areas within the specialty, such as field force, patient portal, injection training and more.

The Seven PURE indices for measurement

  • Service offerings
  • Awareness
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • People/Culture
  • Technology
  • Customer experience

Why trust the PURE report?

The PURE Report is an independent report based on responses from HCPs and patients. It:

Draws upon patient services expertise – Powered by Nuvera, the PURE report leverages the expertise gained from 300+ client engagements in the patient services space to create the report.

Was co-created by customers – Distinguished physicians and support staff such as office managers, co-created and reviewed content for PURE Report research areas.

Reflects industry alignment – Brand leaders and patient service teams at select manufacturers provided feedback on the PURE Report’s direction.

Meet the PURE Report team.

Jens Kulstad

Head of PURE Report, Nuvera

Chaitanya Sharma

Data Consultant, Nuvera

Farris Ibrahim

Principal Consultant, Nuvera

Edward Gajewski

Principal, Nuvera

Derek Cothran

Principal, Nuvera

Kristine Lemke

Principal, Nuvera

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