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We create experiences that enrich working lives.

What we do.

Focusing on the moments that matter to employees, we create unforgettable experiences and content that inspire lasting change in behavior, culture, and business performance.

We combine insight, science, creativity, and world-class activation to deliver impactful employee experiences.

Our winning combination.

Consult – We define an engagement approach that connects the motivations of your people to the needs of your business.

Create – We use big ideas and powerful creative thinking to cut through the noise and capture the imagination of the modern workforce.

Activate – From events and films to learning experiences and immersive technologies, we make it real and relevant at the moments that matter.

How we do it.

As part of Inizio, we are able to bring together a unique mix of skills and capabilities to provide innovative, end-to-end solutions to our clients’ biggest employee engagement challenges.


Our research and employee listening team use smart technology to generate qualitative and quantitative data that informs insights to shape our strategic approach.


Our consultants develop the strategy, plans, and measures that help clients connect their communication and engagement approach to their business priorities.


Our content specialists work closely with creative and delivery teams to develop the stories that will inform, involve, and inspire employees.


Our project management team are the bridge between the team and our client – they manage the resource of the team, client liaison, budgeting/margin review, and scheduling.


Solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges.

Our employee engagement solutions combine insight, science, and creativity to deliver lasting change in attitudes, behaviors, and performance. These solutions seamlessly draw upon on the film, digital, and L&D expertise of our wider group.

  • We get internal comms fit for the future of work
  • We ensure DEI is made real and relevant
  • We create better ways to do change
  • We create employee value propositions that shape the employee experience
  • We turn employees into the best brand advocates

We believe people are central to successful change initiatives.

Our Change Center of Excellence is a collective of change specialists, communicators, strategists, and behavioral scientists. Guided by the data and insights provided by Morphex, we design programs that activate the most effective change triggers to help people move through the stages of change.

We believe Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) create better employee experiences.

Our DEI Center of Excellence enables us to shape the positive and inclusive employee experiences a modern workforce expects. Through active listening, engaging communications, and practical learning, we’re ensuring DEI is an integral part of people’s working lives.

We believe in the science of human behavior.

Our Behavioral Science unit enables us to leverage deep expertise in applied psychology to better understand, shape, and measure employee behavior.


Our key people.

Richard Burton

Hillary Brown

Kristen Erickson

Carol Feinberg

Luke-Matthew Iveson

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