PROPENSITY4 is an integrated data and insight solutions provider serving the pharma and biotech industry. Transforming disparate data into integrated and interconnected insight platforms to help optimize commercial strategy.

Use PROPENSITY4 to make decisions based on evidence, not guesswork.

PROPENSITY4 is a part of the decision optimization specialist area of Inizio Engage, spearheading data optimization to deliver strategic insights, design effective engagement programs, industry benchmarking, and market access strategy.

Leveraging strategic insights to build, deploy, and assess engagement programs.

Advanced data insights help clients answer the tough questions. Are you asking yourself the right questions?

  • What are the current and future market opportunities for my molecule?
  • What is the target audience?
  • What resources are needed?
  • Where does this treatment stand against competitors?
  • How effective is this message and what are the KPIs?

Leverage a clear-decision pathway.

With PROPENSITY4 as your partner, you can leverage a clear-decision pathway for business strategy decisions by:

  • Understanding the true opportunity for your molecule, brand or portfolio.
  • Focusing your resources for the best return.
  • Identifying which channels are right for which customers.
  • Learning how much promotional spend directly contributes to your revenue.

“PROPENSITY4 was created to move away from project-specific analytics to a big-picture approach, ensuring that data, analytics and insights are tied together to drive strategy across payers, patients and healthcare professionals.”

– Sese Abhulimen, Managing Director

Why PROPENSITY4? High speed. High quality. High accuracy.

PROPENSITY4’s partnership provides integrated data insights to your customer audience, creating a clear-decision pathway for business strategy.

The insights empower refinement on a rolling basis, empowering you to reach your commercialization goals.

  • We don’t sell projects, we build insight and analytic partnerships
  • We have over 15 years pharmaceutical commercial experience across various therapy areas
  • Unique approaches and methodologies
  • You can hold us accountable

Driving strategy and business performance through a unique approach.

Our distinctive methodology

PROPENSITY4’s Integrated Insight Platform involves a process that combines disparate data assets across customer, performance, promotion and relationship using our proprietary methodology application. The result – insights that are linked for enhanced performance.

Customer optimizer

Get powerful insights into your potential or current customers: what influences them, what their value is, and how you can refine your targets.

Performance optimizer

Cut through the noise and mass of data sources to understand and evaluate the true performance and potential for your product.

Promotion optimizer

A flexible and robust platform that helps to identify the right channels and optimize the size and mix of your promotional spend to improve ROI.

Relationship optimizer

Communication that maximizes influence points and helps to discover the best ways to nurture each key customer and build impactful relationships.

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