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Providing vital Medical Information and compelling scientific dialogue to meet regulatory requirements, achieve business objectives, and enhance customer experience.

What we do.

Efficient, global operations delivered through proactive, highly flexible partnerships. Our ability to adapt our programs to the cultural, linguistic and compliance requirements of every country or region throughout the globe truly sets us apart. Through our global solutions with local reach, we are able to rapidly build and execute the flexible, tailored solutions you need to serve the medical community and their patients.

We recruit, train and develop dedicated personnel to ensure consistent quality and compliance standards are met in:

  • Populating a contact center.
  • Providing compelling scientific dialogue to medical personnel.
  • Placing strategic permanent or temporary talent to achieve your organizational goals.

Long-standing programs upheld by industry experts and cutting-edge technologies.

When providing vital medical information to both the medical community and patients you need:

  • Compelling scientific dialogue to engage healthcare providers.
  • A sound understanding of regulatory requirements throughout the globe.
  • 24/7 availability to respond to patient and physician queries.

Developing the appropriate scientific material is one challenge. Putting in place the right people supported with the necessary technology to deliver on these components with affirming engagements, is yet another. We have a track record of successfully doing just that for over 500 products in more than 20 languages. That’s why so many depend on us to strategically partner in delivering these services.

200 MSLs globally to foster scientific exchange for new and existing therapies

Establishing relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and shaping an informed perspective on the company, product value and clinical science

  • Global reach and real-time recruitment with access to talent in all major markets
  • MSL Management to deliver high quality, impactful MSL teams
  • Field-based and Virtual MSLs in any TA for biopharma and medical devices
  • Industry leading technology to drive performance, analytics and insights

Our expertise allows us to quickly navigate geographic and profile requirements, building an MSL team of top talent that will meet your strategic objectives.

Why us?

Our Medical Affairs team is composed of individual experts who work best as a team to consult, create and activate solutions to deliver on your Medical Information and MSL programs. Our commitment to help you succeed, combined with our global footprint and local expertise results in tailored and agile solutions designed to meet your ever-changing needs. We have the deep expertise, and can provide the actionable insights and personnel you need to succeed, and we have the track record to prove it.

As your strategic partner, we rise to the challenge of improving relationships with the medical community and enhancing the patient experience every day.

A comprehensive approach to quality.

Our commitment to excellence and focus on quality in our programs and people are evident throughout our Medical Affairs services, raising the bar for quality benchmarks, recruiting talented professionals, and training for excellence. Our comprehensive approach to quality extends from proactive monitoring and tracking to reporting and insights to match our clients business needs.

We also have a rigorous real-time recruitment model with profile matching services to ensure we find the highest caliber candidate for our talent recruitment services and medical science liaisons, over 90% of whom hold an advanced scientific or terminal degree. Our information sharing and continuous development of our agents results in the best customer experience possible.

  • 90+% passing score
  • 20+ audits supported globally each year
  • 3.6 years average tenure of team
  • 48+ quality checks per agent, per year

Amy Van Sant

President, Global Medical Affairs

“As your strategic partner, we rise to the challenge of improving relationships with the medical community and enhancing the patient experience every day.”

Our expertise.

20+ years experience

Globally located contact centers offering flexible solutions to support our staffing and language capabilities

120+ medical science liaisons building deeper relationships throughout the globe

Representing 500+ products over 55+ medical information projects

Customer satisfaction average of 4.88/5

Overall quality score across medical information services of over 98%

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Acquiring the talent your medical affairs organization needs to succeed.

Recruiting and acquiring high-impact talent for key positions within your medical affairs organization can be time and people intensive, using valuable resources you could devote elsewhere. Our wide and longstanding experience in the field with pharmaceutical and biotech needs in medical affairs, puts us in an ideal position to partner with you to locate the talent you need.

We use a precise, real-time recruiting model based on your specifications, and are able to attract the high-quality, top talent you need with speed and efficiency. Whether you need is vacancy management, permanent recruitment or strategic placements within your leadership team, we can deliver what you need when you need it.

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