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We create experiences that inspire the lasting change our world needs.

A strong heritage in creative events, environments and experiences.

Born in the 1980s with an established reputation for creative event production and logistical excellence we’ve evolved our offering from ‘events’ to ‘experiential’.

Today we are a global experiential and events agency representing hundreds of talented people across event strategy, creative, event production, logistics and environments, recognized for our skill in communication and creativity. 80% of our work is international through our global supply chain.

Our average client relationship is double the industry average and we’re trusted by some of the biggest pioneers in their fields to create experiences that bring meaning and purpose across the entire audience journey.

Our unique intersection model.

WRG makes the complex compelling through our unique Intersection Model – a synthesis of Intelligence, Sync for [X], Creativity and Execution.


  • Intelligence: Our experts distil the science, service or technology behind the complex subject matter, identify the audience’s behavioral barriers to unlock, and uncover original insights to fuel our creative process.
  • Sync for [X]: Our teams sync the latest innovations, technologies and collaborators with the experience [X] to create unique live, virtual and hybrid events.
  • Creativity: Our creatives develop original, surprising ideas and content that build emotional connections with the audience. And our experience designers identify how and where the audience want to engage and chart the optimal experience arc across the physical to virtual reality spectrum.
  • Execution: Our production teams apply decades of excellence to every experience, to ensure the execution is as brilliant as the idea.


Sustainability has always been a key driver to us at WRG which is why we are proud to be a founding member of isla, an organisation created to accelerate the event industry transition to a sustainable future.

It’s not just words either… working with isla’s TRACE system we are able to monitor, track and report our event activities and provide valuable consultancy to our clients to help us all reduce the environmental impact of our experiences.

Health, Safety and Risk (HS&R).

Often the Health, Safety and Risk (HS&R) team is sat in a corner of the office and treated separately. Not at WRG.

We have the UK’s biggest in-house HS&R team. This team has embedded health, safety and risk best practice across everything we do at WRG, weaving it throughout our processes and making it part of the culture and conversation. Our H&S practices are award winning have been recognized by RoSPA.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Like sustainability, accessibility has become an integral part of compliance when designing events and experiences. However, to embrace the value DEI can bring, the focus must evolve beyond simply ticking boxes.

We are seeing a shift towards applied DEI and away from inclusion being considered a term or theory. It must be built into every stage of an experience from concept through to execution.

There are three fundamental aspects to increasing an event’s accessibility. Identifying barriers to inclusion, considering the context – looking at the bigger picture – and intentional application, using real people’s insights to intentionally design equitable experiences, finding moments to innovate and create lasting change.


Meet the AXD Unit

The Attendee Experience Design (AXD) Unit combines Behavioral Science with Data Insights, and Digital and Live UX to enable experiential marketers to truly understand what blocks or drives their attendee behaviors and design more impactful experiences.

Key people.

Tim Collett

Managing Director WRG

Mark Jackson

Global Head of Environments

Katie Streten

Head of Creative Strategy

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