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Omnichannel engagement that delivers game-changing commercial performance.

What we do.

We transform data into actionable insights that drive tailored and agile solutions throughout your product lifecycle. Optimizing your brand performance throughout its lifecycle will require a solution based on data collected from diligent observation of market conditions, the competitive landscape and physician potential.

We have a proven track record in distilling this accumulated data, working alongside the Decision Optimization team, into actionable insights. We tailor plans specific to your brand and KPIs and build in the agility needed to respond to ever-changing market conditions.

We bring an intense focus on operational excellence to drive high performance.

For us, achieving high performance is all about establishing and maintaining a culture of excellence. It’s what we do; why our employees stay; and it’s how we maintain the established relationships that can lead to increased reach and frequency to high-value targets improving your speed to impact. We start by recruiting the best talent to deliver on your KPIs and secure a long-term relationship with your targets. We then empower them by training them with custom courses on your brand as well as how to optimize the technology critical to success in an omnichannel environment. We establish a genuine partnership with client teams to drive quality engagement.


We deliver the optimal channel mix for effective engagement with all your healthcare provider targets.

We create exceptional customer experiences by engaging with healthcare professionals through the channels they prefer, at a time that’s right for them. Based on actionable insights, we leverage live, remote and digital tactics to flexibly respond to market dynamics, targeting accounts across multiple channels to drive cohesive interactive engagements which, in turn, increase the frequency, quality and impact of all interactions.

Our promise.

20+ years experience to draw from in representing your brand

3000+ field and phone sales professionals

21 offices worldwide

65+ current programs

2.5 million live and remote sales rep interactions annually

We selected Inizio Engage following a substantial, USA wide, RFP for our largest omnichannel launch. We could not be happier with our decision. Engage’s data, channel management and deployment went without a hitch. And that’s with a team of over 400!

– Senior Sales Leader – Top 20 Pharma

Global solutions with local expertise.

We deliver agile, global commercial solutions. By leveraging our presence and experience in global markets, we are able to work with you on strategies that reflect local culture and regulations to drive and your commercialization efforts and reimagine health throughout the world.

Operational excellence.

In each of our commercial projects we provide:

Innovative KPI reporting dashboards and communication with key stakeholders.

Consistent leadership, engagement, team management and retention.

Access to Inizio Engage finance, HR, recruitment, and legal specialists.

Regular assessment of team and channel performance to ensure continuous improvement.

Acquiring the talent your commercial organization needs to succeed.

Recruiting executives or the quality talent to fill vacancies or build out teams within your commercial organization can be taking up valuable resources you could devote elsewhere. That’s where we can help. We use a precise, real-time recruiting model based on your specifications and are able to attract the high-quality, top talent you need with speed and efficiency. We also can provide the training needed to ready your new employees for their position.

Whether it’s executives, face-to-face, hybrid and/or remote sales representatives, service representatives, territory managers and/or key account managers you require, we can deliver who you need when you need them.

Once you have the talent onboarded, you need to make sure that they are trained to excel within your company culture and to have the skills needed to excel. Our learning and development experts can deliver on-site or virtual training on skills customized to your needs as well as those centered on themes such as technology, communication across different channels, and data interpretation and insights.

Meet our team of engagement experts.

Mike Stout

President, US Commercial

Keith Buckby

Business Development Director

Belén Caínzos

Senior Vice President Client Engagement & Solutions, Europe

Hokan Ojert

SVP, Commercial Business Partnerships

Greg Draper

Business Development Director, UK

Dr. Joachim Hirt (M.A.)

Commercial Director

Dirk Szynka

Digital Excellence Director

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