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Medical Science Liasions (MSLs).

Expertise and insights to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to optimize patient care.

Increase awareness and KOL engagement through expert scientific dialogue.

Fostering trusted relationships through accelerated and tailored MSL solutions designed to convey timely scientific information and gather meaningful insights.

The world of field medical teams is changing. We are meeting the challenge and leading the way with the quality MSLs – field, virtual and hybrid – and MSL management necessary to engage and establish relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) throughout the globe.

Our goal is to shape an informed perspective on your company, product value and clinical science so you can focus on your strategic growth objectives.

Our expertise

Empowering Scientific Exchange with Scalability, Speed, and Expert Project Management.

Scale, Speed & Expertise

Our MSLs are performance-driven and dedicated to providing clients with the expertise, tailored solutions, and quality insights they need to engage stakeholders globally.

Using our expertise in design and methodology, we have developed and deployed programs, small and large, that include strategy, KOL identification, MSL training, field execution, and data analytics across a wide range of therapeutic areas and geographies.

360° Project & Performance Management

Our commitment to quality and compliance is executed via our technology-enabled infrastructure, systematic and rigorous approach to recruitment, training, performance management, and professional development leading to the demonstrated value of the MSL teams. 

Enabling Impactful Scientific Exchange

We are a collaborative partner in engaging the scientific and medical communities to achieve your business objectives.

We enable quality interactions, build essential relationships, and provide actionable scientific insights to help improve patient care.

Trusted global partner & MSL service provider.

We recruit, train, and retain the talent you need, when you need it.

Our promise:

We have the therapeutic expertise, with more than 90% of our 120+ global MSLs holding an advanced scientific, or terminal degree.

We understand the soft skills needed to assist in communicating complex medical data in a conversational and engaging manner both in-person and virtually.

We have the global footprint with local expertise in 20+ MSL teams.

Extensive experience in all major therapeutic areas and clinical trial support.

Inizio Engage MSL Corner Podcast

Join us for the latest episode of our podcast, MSL Corner. We sit down with host Jeffery Vaughan, Inizio Engage’s Global Vice President of Medical Affairs, and his guest Joseph Mejia, an experienced MSL who transitioned from being a frontline clinician. Mejia shares his unique career journey from healthcare provider to MSL and the attributes needed to thrive in this scientific field role.

In this insightful discussion, Vaughan and Mejia explore how Mejia has successfully leveraged his clinical expertise to support a client’s global clinical trial strategy and site engagements. Tapping firsthand into Mejia’s recent work assisting early development across the world, they shed light on:

  • Making the shift from physician to MSL
  • Key skills MSLs need to master to drive impact
  • Applying clinical insights to advance pharma trial outcomes
  • Details of Mejia’s hands-on global trial support and site partnership

Tune into this episode of MSL Corner to hear Mejia’s real-world perspective on transitioning to an MSL career and learn how he strategically mobilizes his medical background to enable client trial success worldwide.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) FAQs

Explore common questions and answers about building and managing high-performing Medical Science Liaison teams. Drawing from our extensive decade-long expertise, we’ve curated this comprehensive FAQ guide to offer practical insights into MSL strategy, covering everything from deployment strategies to performance evaluation techniques.

Explore now for valuable insights or reach out to us for personalized assistance.

When should you consider deploying an MSL team?

MSLs play a critical role in building momentum in the medical community by fostering in-depth scientific conversations with experts in a therapeutic space. Because of the non-promotional nature of their role, MSLs may uncover insights to drive strategy prior to product market approval. According to the MAPS Launch Excellence Masterclass, the ideal timeline to deploy an MSL team is 18-24 months before product launch. Creating a sound Medical Affairs strategy will help inform the timing of field MSL deployment.

What is the average length of a contract?

At Inizio Engage, we work with clients to develop contracts to suit their needs. As a starting point, the typical contract for MSL services with Inizio Engage is between 12 to 24 months, with the option to extend. Because each Inizio Engage MSL is dedicated to a client program, we curate high-quality talent to deliver meaningful interactions. Please click here to request more information.

What is the typical turnaround time for recruiting (screening to onboarding)?

Rapid recruitment and deployment of MSL teams is our forte. From program design to recruitment and onboarding, an effective implementation plan takes 2 or more months to complete, depending on the size and specialty of the MSL team. Once an agreement is signed, our team rapidly recruits MSLs using multiple validated databases and AI technology to meet specific role criteria. During onboarding, MSLs will receive Inizio corporate and compliance training, and our 3-day intensive MSL core skills training, before moving to our clients’ training curriculum.

Does Inizio Engage offer in-house MSL training?

Yes, we have created a 3-day core MSL professional development training program to enhance MSL core skills. Once completed, an MSL will be certified by Inizio Engage. We’ve also partnered with the Inizio Engage Learning and Development team to offer continuing education tracks for MSLs, including ongoing coaching.

What kind of coaching support do MSLs receive?

We work directly with each client to outline program-specific KPIs and as well as goals and objectives to drive performance. Our Inizio Engage management team provides one-on-one mentoring for each MSL to drive ongoing professional development and career goals. We focus on leadership skills, MSL expertise, and understanding cross-functional teams.

How is MSL performance evaluated?

We follow a 360° performance management approach combined with collaborative feedback and monitoring, supporting both impact for you and employment satisfaction for the MSL. Each MSL will have an opportunity to self-evaluate at the mid-point and year-end marks of a typical full year program, and receive formal feedback from our Inizio Engage management team.

What are the benefits and considerations of contracting MSL teams?

  • Cost-savings through outsourcing MSL recruitment: Streamline the process and free up client resources.
  • Efficient Team Deployment: Inizio Engage’s recruitment engine swiftly sources highly qualified candidates tailored to the client’s requirements, accelerating MSL team building compared to in-house recruitment.
  • Employee Development: We invest in our team’s growth through tailored training programs that promote professional development and well-being, fostering engaged and skilled MSL professionals.
  • Tailored MSL Teams: We construct client-specific MSL teams based on job descriptions, with a full client dedication. Inizio manages administrative responsibilities such as payroll, benefits, and performance management.
  • Team Integration: Inizio Engage promotes a unified and collaborative environment, encouraging clients to enhance team cohesion with their existing staff. We facilitate long-term strategy transparency to overcome “integration bias” and foster a cohesive and productive team approach, bridging the gap with key internal stakeholders.
  • Career Advancement: MSLs seek advancement opportunities based on experience. Our employees have often pursued lateral transfers to roles like commercial, medical information, or patient solutions for career development. Advancement to more senior positions from MSL roles is typically subject to prior agreement.
  • Potential for Long-Term Opportunities: Typically, contracts extend to 12 or more months in length, which enables our MSLs time for program and professional development.

How does Inizio Engage recruit quality MSLs with relevant experience?

We excel in recruiting top talent for MSL roles. We prioritize Talent Acquisition over traditional staffing methods, focusing on continuous sourcing and strategic recruitment rather than simply filling positions. Using a real-time recruitment model and advanced technology like AI and Symantec search, we maintain a fresh pool of highly qualified candidates across various markets. Our approach emphasizes diversity and inclusion, with our team trained in DEI and bias awareness. We attract top candidates through targeted profiles, extensive networks, and tailored branding campaigns.

What should I expect when partnering with Inizio Engage?

Typically, we set up an introductory meeting to share an overview of our capabilities, uncover your business needs, and agree on next steps with an agreement. Depending upon the project parameters, we would begin design work related to the program to better understand the profile, timelines, technology alignment and key objectives. From there, the recruitment and onboarding process begins.

What are some best practices to ensure a successful client-provider relationship?

As the client, you are vital in building a successful partnership from the beginning. Clients partner with us for many reasons, particularly transparency and open communication with our teams to ensure client satisfaction and MSL job satisfaction.

Are our MSLs shared amongst other projects?

No, each of our MSL programs are bespoke to client needs and objectives. As such, our MSLs are fully dedicated to your program.

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