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Optimizing MSL Impact in Clinical Trials: Engaging Primary Investigators for Improved Patient Enrollment Metrics

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The Challenge 

A client approached us to support their Phase III clinical trials. They needed to increase enrollment and expand awareness of their trials to referral sites in the US. They had an aggressive timeline and knew they needed field-ready Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) who could bridge the communication gap between external and internal stakeholders.

“Excellent job with the quality of interactions with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and healthcare professionals involved in our clinical trials.”

Our Solution

Leveraging our experience with clinical trial management, we focused on recruiting MSLs and leaders with proven success in Phase II/III trials. We sought professionals who could communicate effectively and collaborate with the client’s existing MSL teams and operations staff.

Within a short timeframe, we deployed a dedicated MSL manager and a team of 7 MSLs strategically located near the clinical trial sites. The internal training of the MSL team focused on cultivating therapeutic expertise, instilling a passion for enhancing trial productivity, and pinpointing critical areas of challenge.

We created relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) tied to the value of this hybrid MSL clinical trial role, including generating post-site initiation visit reports, sharing site insights with operations, leading site action plans, and supporting new site identification. The team received training on patient referrals, content development, and crafting collaborative action plans.

The Results*

“We appreciate your contributions to the great progress we’ve made on the rate at which eligible patients are recruited and screened in the clinical trials, ensuring targets are met.”

Our focused approach and specialized team enabled the rapid deployment of trained MSLs aligned to the client’s goals. In less than 8 weeks, the MSLs began solidifying relationships with existing trial sites to identify appropriate patients and improve retention. To build on the MSL’s initial accomplishments, the client entrusted the team to identify new sites for study expansion.

Initial achievements involve enhancing collaboration between MSLs and internal teams, formulating precise site action plans, and delivering training to facilitate patient referrals. Through the provision of adept clinical trial experts, we empower our client to achieve ambitious enrollment and awareness objectives. This initiative has fortified the partnership and positioned both organizations for sustained collaboration.

“The team is doing a fantastic job with timely reporting of clinical trial patient enrollment barriers & challenges.”


“Great job ensuring there’s constant communication & collaboration with our cross-functional partners.”


* Editor’s note: This is an ongoing project and the outcomes we are sharing reflect preliminary successes from this program.