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Decision Optimization.

Combining unique methodologies, advanced analytics, and deep expertise to power smarter engagement decisions.

What we do.

When you partner with our Decision Optimization specialist area, you’ll work with passionate teams to turn business challenges into innovative solutions. Drawing upon our extensive experience with data and insights, treatment experience design, industry benchmarking and market access, we will empower you to address the complex commercialization landscape by identifying discreet, clearly defined problems ready for you to solve. As a result, you will be able to make quicker, smarter, more efficient decisions on your engagement strategies with payers, HCPs and patients, resulting in a clear competitive advantage and optimal performance.

Global solutions.

Our international presence offers a dual advantage to meet your global needs. You have access to an efficient network providing a rapid gateway to markets, plus the personal touch of those with the local knowledge and insights needed to support your brand in making optimal decisions to drive engagement strategies and tactics throughout the globe.

Collaboration with you and each other is at the heart of everything we do.

When you partner with our Decision Optimization specialist area, you have the advantage of drawing upon the diversified expertise and methodologies of our many Inizio Engage resources while our project managers work closely with your stakeholders to achieve your strategic business objectives. By seamlessly integrating our diverse mix of skills and capabilities across the enterprise, we are able to offer tailored, robust solutions incorporating a level of integration necessary to achieving successful engagements in today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

Grounded in smart data and expertise.

We draw upon smart data, actionable insights and deep sector knowledge to deliver engagement solutions that drive performance.

Data in healthcare is everywhere, and many times overwhelming. Often, using it to drive performance successfully can fall short. Partnering with the teams at Inizio Engage will take the mystery out of data and give you the impactful solutions you need. The deep sector knowledge of our team, coupled with our innovative methodologies in smart data, analytics and planning, will give you the competitive advantage needed to successful engage and meet revenue targets.

Our expertise.

Over 3,300 HCPs and 800 patients have participated in studies generating independent benchmark industry reports

Insights derived from the Treatment Experience Blueprint methodology led to significant program changes that uncovered over $10m in annual efficiencies

Through smart data, multi-channel resource optimization modelling across Salesforce, digital, and direct to consumer TV.

Market Access has consistently achieved 60-90% unrestricted patient access to medications within 6-12 months, with 50% of these in highly generic markets

Meet our Decision Optimization experts.

Sese Abhulimen

President, Global Decision Optimization

Chris Savage

Managing Director, PROPENSITY4

Greg Klein

President, Nuvera

Greg Christianson

Principal, Nuvera

Jens Kulstad

Head of PURE Report, Nuvera

Clint Burrus

SVP and President of Market Access

Chris Carney

Vice President, Business Development, Market Access

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