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Data and Integrated Insights.

PROPENSITY4, part of Inizio Engage, provides data and integrated insights to deliver valuable commercialization decision support in brand commercialization, from pre-launch through loss of exclusivity. It transforms the disparate data and information into smart data that integrates HCP, patient, and payer engagements. This ensures business performance drivers in a way that supports better, quicker and more informed decisions.

Powering smart data to create integrated insights that drive performance.

PROPENSITY4 is known throughout the industry for its high speed, high quality, high value analysis of real-world data delivering actionable insights to drive performance. It integrates information from business strategies, market research and advanced data analytics to create smart data with its proprietary integrated Business Optimizer platform:

Customer – Identifies the unique market and customer opportunity buckets and their valuation.

Performance – Develops insights to a curated strategy based on the data to optimize performance across the customer cohorts.

Promotion – Leverages channels and investment levels needed to optimize performance.

Relationship – Measures how many touch points are required by launch uptake zones per year.

Defining the pathway to success.

Our Data and Integrated Insights team work in partnership with you to help define optimal best actions throughout the commercialization journey. By leveraging technology and advanced techniques, they rapidly cull through millions of records within patient, healthcare provider and payer data bases. The accurate analysis that results defines unique patient and physician archetypes and other market and channel insights used to optimize sales and marketing engagement strategies tailored to the right patient, targeted to the right healthcare provider and done quickly enough to ensure payer coverage.

Our data and integrated insights capabilities.

Market Assessment Addressing key questions for brand pre-launch, early and mid life cycle:

  • What are the current and future market opportunities?
  • Who is the target audience and what are the key solutions for that target?
  • Who comprises the competitor landscape?

Commercial Strategy Development Providing strategic recommendations reflecting:

  • Mapping the landscape, and target audiences for analysis and optimization.
  • Analysis and mapping the market and patient journey.
  • Strategic insights into the ideal size and structure of a commercial team.
  • Aligning stakeholder needs and interests with strategic imperatives and outputs.

Business Planning Planning for all stages of the product life cycle includes:

  • Market landscape assessment.
  • Dynamic market source of business assessment.
  • Channel mix assessment and optimization.
  • Geographic alignment optimization.
  • Channel reach, frequency and sequencing cadence to optimize performance.

Measurement Identifying ROIs and measuring performance to ensure a product reaches its full potential by:

  • Establishing a program ROI.
  • Recommending improvements backed by live data.
  • Assessing a product’s brand and reputation vs. its competitors.
  • Quantifying messaging effectiveness.

Enhance your engagement approaches

With Inizio Engage as your partner, you will elevate your engagement strategies and tactics across your brand’s lifecycle. With its integrated smart data analysis, PROPENSITY4 will help to identify what strategies to follow, and in what channels to do so, giving you a clear decision pathway to optimize performance.

Our experts have a strong track record in assessing a brand’s ultimate size and value within the healthcare marketplace, and recommending an optimal strategic and financial plan to drive market success.

12+ years in healthcare insights and analytics

20+ companies served in partnerships

15+ therapeutic areas of leading expertise

35%+ in savings achieved over two years

30% of clients serve the rare disease market

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