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Treatment Experience Design.

The treatment experience surrounding specialty therapeutics is shaped by a range of programs that manufacturers design and execute to support patients, care partner and healthcare professionals. Uncovering the needs of these stakeholders, the design of supportive engagement programs, and the subsequent evaluation of these efforts is core to our methodology.

Treatment experience strategists and architects bringing teams together.

Using their award-winning methodologies, as well as expertise in program design and evaluation, Nuvera, part of Inizio Engage, successfully aligns an organization’s cross-functional teams around a shared vision of a therapies optimal treatment experience, allowing a common understanding of how team specific objectives, strategies, and tactics overlap to ensure identified pain points and moments that matter are addressed in a seamless, integrated fashion.

Our work throughout the product life cycle uncovering patient/provider needs, designing effective engagement solutions, and assisting in implementation efforts can begin as early as phase II or with existing marketed brands searching for an opportunity to improve their end experience due to upcoming competition or new indications.

The Treatment Experience Blueprint methodology.

One of Nuvera’s core offerings, Treatment Experience Blueprint methodology takes diverse and complex information from various functional groups within the manufacturer, to develop a highly actionable “single source of truth” that creates momentum across the organization. The Blueprint naturally identifies organizational tactics that will be necessary to accomplish the aspired experience that has been collectively documented. The methodology is so effective because it: focuses on the patient and HCP needs and actions, allows for continuous cross-functional collaboration, takes into account and aligns your entire enterprise’s functionality and expectations, identifies internal and external investments and how those will integrate and collaborate throughout the treatment experience.

Methodologies and solutions by the Nuvera team also extend beyond the Treatment Experience Blueprint, including:

  • In-depth program design to identify service offerings, resources, technologies, ways of working, and other tactics that result in an executable roadmap
  • Field team strategy, design and implementation support to include establishment of key performance indicators, organizational positioning, and training
  • Digital assessments and strategy to focus manufacturers on the investments required within the treatment experience
  • Financial modeling to understand budgeting or exposure based on program design
  • Long-term organizational and functional strategy development based on market dynamics, product portfolios, company initiatives and other factors to ensure proper positioning for success
  • Revisiting in-market offerings and/or full programs and then shaping the strategy and operational execution for the next phase of their lifecycle
  • Mapping channel and distribution strategies to ensure a common understanding of the products’ journey and how organizational resources and programs can be best positioned for pull-through
  • Facilitation and training at various levels within the organization to ensure a common understanding of the broader access strategy and each individual’s respective role in its execution

Why Nuvera?

Nuvera offers a skillset for success and a track record to prove it, with long-standing experience across a broad selection of specialty pharmaceutical, biotech, and rare disease companies in many therapeutic areas. Its capabilities span the entirety of the patient experience in high-value, high growth specialty drug categories. From identifying unmet needs and barriers to uptake, through to program launch, ongoing operations and optimization, Nuvera journeys with you across the brand lifecyle. Nuvera can:

Design the strategies and services including technology, processes, people and structures.

Build the optimal implementation structure based on your capabilities and those of your partners.

Uncover the moments that matter and diagnose the most critical challenges for an organization and brand by taking a holistic deep dive into patients’ needs and therapy barriers and performing an analysis of your capabilities to meet and overcome them.

Optimize your performance with a comprehensive evaluation framework to continually evolve and improve your program.

Enabling future alignment and coordination of capabilities


The Treatment Experience Blueprint informs and ties together every service and touchpoint to be delivered so you possess a foundation for meaningful action and capability development.

Our team.

Greg Klein

President, Nuvera

Greg Christianson

Principal, Nuvera

Farris Ibrahim

Principal Consultant, Nuvera

Edward Gajewski

Principal, Nuvera

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