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Healthcare Professional (HCP) Promotional Education.

Successfully lay the groundwork for your brand launch by leveraging a promotional education sales team to deliver instructional content to your targeted healthcare professionals.

Optimize brand success with
pre-launch education to establish disease awareness.

You have invested heavily in the development of your soon-to-be-launched brand. Making sure that the healthcare community is aware of you and the disease your brand will treat, how it presents and impacts patients, and the Mechanism of Action (MOA) for your brand’s product class, are key to your eventual promotional success and optimizing your brand impact. Our sales professionals have the training and expertise to successfully perform the educational outreach needed to establish disease awareness, ensuring that the introduction and promotion of your brand resonates and leads to targeted Rx.

Integrated, tailored solutions designed to support your program.

Our enterprise capabilities in data and analytics, strategy, talent, content and technology fuel the delivery of your educational program. Backed with 20+ years global commercial experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, you can be confident that we can deliver the optimal solution to satisfy the dynamic needs of your market while you concentrate on the launch at hand.

Face-to-face, virtual or hybrid models of representation to meet the preferences of your audience and maximize the effectiveness of the engagement.

Omnichannel integration to complement, reinforce, and deliver a cohesive, interactive engagement.

Detailed data analysis and insights to scale or pivot quickly in response to the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Proactive communication when it comes to key learnings about targets and their support needs, as well as identifying potential targets, further paving the way for a successful brand launch.

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