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About Inizio Engage.

Inizio Engage is a global strategic, commercial and creative engagement partner that specializes in healthcare. Combining our unique mix of consultation, creation and activation expertise with the latest technology, we design and deliver tailored solutions that inspire lasting change.

Strategic, commercial and creative engagement partners.

Breakthroughs in science. New technologies. Economic uncertainty. Global events. Regulatory changes. It’s tough to keep up. And for our clients, the pace of change is only increasing.

But, for those who can adapt fast enough, this unprecedented change represents an unparalleled opportunity.

That’s why at Inizio Engage we’ve brought together a group of more than 5,000 experts, working in more than 20 countries. A passionate, diverse team with global reach and local knowledge. Together, we partner with our clients to challenge conventional thinking to empower people to make better health decisions and enhance treatment outcomes across the globe.

Why us?

Inizio Engage is uniquely positioned to connect an extraordinary mix of skills with smart technologies, right across the engagement spectrum. From insight generation, medical affairs capabilities and experience design to patient solutions, sales and HCP promotion, our strategic, commercial and creative engagement solutions deliver a lasting change in attitudes, behaviors, and performance.

We’re a seamless global network of changemakers and market-shapers, ready to roll up our sleeves to support our clients and the patients they serve.

Our history.

From modest beginnings to becoming a global player within the healthcare market, Inizio Engage is the culmination of over 25 years of expertise coming together to be part of the largest pharmaceutical services company on the planet.

Learn more about our full history from Inizio Engage Global President, Greg Flynn.

Our specialist areas.

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Decision Optimization

Combining data, insights and expertise to power smarter engagement decision. When you partner with our decision optimization specialist area, you’ll get access to the expertise, analytics and insights you need to ensure your engagement strategy becomes your best source of competitive advantage.

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Experiences that inspire lasting change. We combine insight, expertise and creativity to design and deliver world class experiences that engage people, change mindsets and behaviour, enrich cultures, enhance skills and drive overall business performance.

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Patient Solutions

Harnessing the power of empathy and insights to enhance access and adherence. Our innovative and empathetic, patient-centric engagement solutions, backed by data and the latest technology, are designed to provide greater access and empower patients, care partners and healthcare professionals to make better health decisions everyday.

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Medical Affairs

Expertise and insights to help the right medicines get to the right patients. Providing vital medical information and compelling scientific dialogue to meet regulatory requirements, achieve business objectives and enhance the customer experience.

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Omnichannel engagement that delivers game-changing commercial performance. By combining the latest technology and data driven insights with our talented and passionate people, we create innovative omni-channel solutions designed to accelerate sales performance and maximize commercial success.

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Our global leadership team.

Greg Flynn

Global President, Inizio Engage

Sese Abhulimen

President, Global Decision Optimization

Russ Lidstone

President, XD and Chief Marketing Officer

Nareda Mills

President, Global Patient Solutions (COE)

Amy Van Sant

President, Global Medical Affairs

Mike Stout

President, US Commercial

Benjamin Rapp

President, Europe, Canada & Japan Commercial & Patient Solutions

Martin Miguel

Chief Strategy Officer

Patrick Metzler

Chief Delivery Platforms Officer

Jason McKenna

Chief Growth Officer

James Emberton

Chief People & Culture Officer

Al Pavucek

Chief Financial Officer

Are you looking for a rewarding career?

From entry level to PhD, from field-based to hybrid to fully remote, and nurses, industry experts, MSLs, sales and service reps, research, analytics, and expert creatives, we have a position available here at Inizio Engage.

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Learn more about Inizio Engage’s strategic engagement solutions and how we can help your business maximize opportunities, jump over hurdles, and assess progress on an ongoing basis.