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Careers at Inizio Engage.

We offer many ways to support patients and healthcare professionals through a range of exciting career opportunities. Do you share our vision to make change happen?

Why Inizio Engage?

Are you looking for a rewarding career?

Simply put, we are proud of our people and the difference that they make in the world every single day. Every one of us is driven by the passion and desire to make change happen. We offer many ways to support patients and healthcare professionals through a range of exciting career opportunities.

We want our people to make a difference.

From entry level to PhD, from field-based to hybrid to fully remote, and nurses, industry experts, MSLs, sales and service reps, research, analytics, and expert creatives, we have a position available here at Inizio Engage.

The Inizio Engage recruitment process.

Official communication.

Our recruiters will only ever contact you through an Inizio Engage email and will arrange a telephone or virtual conversation using platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We will never contact you from a free email service such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. Our team also will not use Skype, Google Hangouts, or Telegram at any point in the process.

Specific job descriptions

The Inizio Engage recruitment team will always be specific when discussing a potential role within the business. Job offers will also come from someone you will already know and will never be “too good to be true” or offered without an interview.

Never asking for money for sensitive personal information

During the pre-employment stage, we will never ask for personal information including bank details, a social security number, or photo identification such as a passport. There are also no circumstances in which a candidate will be requested to make any monetary payments, either during the hiring process or for equipment after an offer.

Our Inizio Engage culture and values.

Our foundational promises.

Our culture, whether working remotely, in the office, or in the field, is built around a commitment to learning and development, diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellness, and involvement in a huge range of charitable and social activities.


With you joining Inizio Engage, together we make change happen.


Our values at Inizio Engage are centered around 5 core pillars. Explore each one here.

We empower everyone.

Let’s give everyone the support and space to thrive


We create an environment where everyone feels listened to; confident to be themselves; safe to speak up; free to experiment and fail; and valued for their unique contribution.

We rise to the challenge.

Let’s keep finding ways to be and do better, every new day


Our success and our relationships are built on exceeding expectations. We care about making a difference so we strive to deliver the highest quality, and we always find a way to make it happen.


In a world of change we are calm, resilient, entrepreneurial, and we help others to improve every day. We create energy by recognising people’s commitment and contribution.

We work as one.

Let’s unleash the power of networks and collaboration


We believe in the power of collaboration, in shared goals, and in sharing our collective knowledge, perspectives and skills.


We exemplify the power of openness, listening, and connecting, and we support those around us to discover new possibilities across our vast, expanding network.

We ask, ‘what if?’.

Let’s find new learning and possibilities everywhere


By asking the question: ‘what if?’ we allow creativity and innovation to flourish. We empower our people to learn from mistakes, take risks, challenge norms, and look for perspectives and possibilities that others can’t see.


Let’s recognise our people for learning and for finding new and better ways to meet the needs of our business and our clients.

We do the right thing.

Let’s be accountable and authentic


We know that trust is everything, so we make promises to our people and clients carefully, and we take accountability for them.


When things go wrong or we don’t know the answer, we have the humility to admit it. Whatever the pressures we take responsibility, do the right thing, treat people fairly, and support our teams selflessly.

Hear from our people.

James Cardillo, Director of Operations, Patient Solutions, Canada

Solving complex business challenges is my passion, so when I engage with the many cross-functional teams within Patient Solutions, I work with them to build white glove, best-in-class patient assistance programs that meet client requirements and provide exceptional patient experiences throughout their treatment journey.

Hear from our people.

Dr. Silvia Pantze, Pharmacist, Lead 2nd Level, Medical Information, Germany

Being able to put science to work to make a difference is very important to me so I am delighted that my highly motivated team and I engage with patients, pharmacists, and HCPs to instill confidence through information.

Hear from our people.

Bilal Javaid, Senior Business Development Manager, Canada

“I pride myself on bringing innovative thinking and a partnership mentality when I engage with our clients and internal stakeholders. I strive to offer solutions that help them address the complex challenges they face in commercialization, medical affairs, or patient engagement.”

Hear from our people.

Emma Carlin, Project Manager, United Kingdom

“Helping people and projects achieve beyond expectations is my underlying passion, so when I engage with our clients and staff, I work to provide best-in-class solutions that meet desired client goals and help grow the access to life-saving treatments for patients in need.”

Hear from our people.

Fábio Neves, HR & Recruitment Specialist, Portugal

“I thrive on searching and finding the perfect match between employee and client so I am delighted that I engage with a variety of candidates to fulfill job openings and then continue to support those relationships and employees throughout their careers.”

Hear from our people.

Javier Salguero, Head of Patient Solutions, Iberia

“I am really proud of the impact our passionate, engaging teams have on patients, so when I engage with clients, I work to provide a solution that will ensure a gold standard delivery to these patients as well as ensure that HCPs have access to our clients’ initiatives.”


Want to learn more about our career options?

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