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Our tailored, comprehensive and integrated medical information solutions deliver exceptional engagement experiences with your customers every hour of the day, every day of the year, thereby informing better patient care decisions and building trust in your brand.

Every interaction matters.

Your medical information program often serves as the only proactive touchpoint with your brand. Yet, making sure the experience delivers quality, compliant engagement can often redirect valuable resources that could be better utilized within your organization. The benefits of our integrated partnership include:

  • Greater flexibility when compared to insourcing.
  • Expanded access to experience and expertise.
  • Time and resource savings for internal teams
  • Ability to scale and flex programs
  • Built-in training plus audit-ready quality and compliance operations
  • Remote or physical contact center capability tailored to regional requirements/preferences
  • Best-in-class technologies and customizable solutions

With these capabilities aligned through a single partnership, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies benefit from continuous improvement along with enterprise level insights facilitating and actively contributing to an overall brand strategy.

Agile global solutions.

As a global enterprise, we have the expertise, resources and agility to be your partner in aligning your medical information model across international markets, giving you global oversight for overarching strategic management of your brand. We understand the importance and complexities of local markets and can work with you to tailor custom, dynamic solutions to meet your requirements in every locality, providing regional leadership and governance, scaling up and down as needed.

All our teams are thoroughly trained to deliver on the highest standards, with a firm focus on continuous improvement. We have proficiency in more than 20 languages that can be scaled to your needs and can offer flexible headcounts from 2-100+ per program.

Continuous quality and innovation.

We draw upon integrated global technology platforms and processes, providing real-time access to data. This, along with streamlined, seamless customer interactions powered by AI capabilities, work to gather greater customer insights to fuel new ideas that reinvent how we meet customers’ needs and continually improve their engagement.

They’ll experience more first call resolutions, less transfers and overall faster resolution. You’ll receive the global, customer-based insights needed to support your enterprise strategy.

Comprehensive experience and expertise.

We’re proud to be trusted by all-size pharma, from emerging biopharma and biotech, as their partner, and have built a reputation for excellence that has made us one of the industry leading providers of Medical Information services. Our experienced management team, reflecting decades of experience, will partner with you on custom solutions to meet your needs, be they large or small programs, local or global. We have the channel flexibility, AI-enabled and other technology solutions to fuel the optimum customer experience.

Our commitment to industry-leading quality and compliance is underpinned by our culture, talent strategy, application of technology, and professional development that ensures confidence in the execution.

  • 98% overall quality score across Medical Information
  • 4.88/5 average customer satisfaction score
  • Over 1 million interactions all channels, all customers
  • 500+ products across broad therapeutic areas
  • 55+ Medical Information projects across the world/all major markets
  • ~20% of implementations per year are transitioned from another supplier
  • 20+ audits supported globally per year

Inizio Engage has played an important role in enabling our company to provide quality medical information. In times of high demand – for example following a product alert of stock shortage – the team is available to absorb this while continuing to provide a quality service.

Medical Information Manager – global pharmaceutical company

Advanced engagement through technology.

Technologies play a key role in creating optimum engagement today, no matter what the service. That’s why we have invested in advanced voice analytics and other industry-leading technologies from the likes of Five9, Verint and Web IRMS, to ensure quality, security, and simplified reporting.

To make sure we reach your customers via channels how, where and when they want to engage, we implement core channels across all programs, with the ability to integrate a breadth of additional engagement points as required using chatbot, SMS, video conferencing, and more.

Speak to an expert.

Are you ready to reimagine medical information with Inizio Engage? Trust our Medical Affairs team to be your partner in delivering the medical information program you need – wherever you need it.