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Healthcare Professional (HCP) Promotion.

Accelerate your sales performance and maximize your commercial success by deploying our high-quality, competitive sales teams to engage with your healthcare professional targets.

Delivering innovative strategies backed by world class expertise to drive commercial success.

We partner with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organizations to plan and execute their brand promotion after disease state awareness has been established through launch and growth. We deliver tailored and agile solutions throughout the globe, supported by strong local knowledge and a commitment to quality, operational excellence and an unmatched ability to recruit, retain and integrate the best talent into a rich technology ecosystem.

Carefully aligned to your organizational goals, brand strategy and company culture, our promotional sales teams are a key part of the core sales and marketing mix, complementing other resources as they build strong relationships with healthcare professionals.

Models tailored to drive successful engagement.

We will work with you to build a team that can successfully engage with your targeted healthcare professionals where and how they prefer. We have successful experience with sales promotion across many therapeutic areas, partnering with large, mid and small pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and medical device companies, engaging with both primary and specialist healthcare professionals as well as pharmacists. All our engagements draw upon data and insights allowing us to scale or pivot quickly in response to the ever-changing selling environment to ensure we are delivering optimal results.


Model options are varied and flexible, tailored specifically to meet your engagement needs.


Delivering the best talent to thrive in a global, omnichannel environment.

Successful promotion of your brand in today’s diverse, omnichannel environment starts with the best talent. Our legacy in talent acquisition coupled with our diverse client portfolio and executive leadership team has allowed us to build the strongest, most accurate talent network in the life sciences industry. We hire the right employees to represent your brand and company the first time, reducing churn while helping you build stronger relationships with your HCP targets.

We partner with you closely, understanding your business, needs, role, scope and historical successes to identify the ideal candidate profiles and then leverage AI and semantic search capabilities to facilitate laser-focused sourcing to meet your specifications with candidates best able to engage effectively in live and virtual capacities.

What we do.

Our real-time recruiting approach, powered by the latest technologies, allows us to fill your team quickly and effectively. Once onboarded, we provide your approved sales and product training to certify your team and ensure the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. We then support the team with a culture of empowerment and innovation, leading to our industry high retention rates.

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