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Canada’s #1 sample management software, helping our clients craft strategic, cost-effective, compliant sampling solutions to properly service patients through the healthcare community by focusing on the engagement journey.

How can SampleCupboard support you?

Our platform provides the most compliant, reliable and cost-effective sampling and marketing material management solutions, designed to support patients with the valuable tools they need.

SampleCupboard™ was previously known as Physicians Online, Canada’s first sampling service for physicians. Fast forward 36 years, decades of continuous investment, technological innovation, and a track record of excellence, SampleCupboard™ is now servicing tens of thousands of HCPs and reps nationwide.

Why choose us?

  • Effective, low-cost way to reach HCPs
  • Turnkey solution which can be easily integrated with any strategic HCP engagement solution
  • E-signature capabilities
  • Access for healthcare professionals to samples and materials
  • Digital marketing services

The authority in sampling and material management solutions.

For reps

Discover how SampleCupboard answers all of your sampling and material management needs for rep-triggered sampling.

For HCPs

Discover how SampleCupboard supports HCP-triggered sampling and why this can be a cost-effective solution to your sampling strategy.

Tailoring the HCP engagement journey for you.

SampleCupboard provides for a holistic, strategic sampling journey designed to drive engagement in the healthcare community and impact of your commercial strategy.

SampleCupboard connects and manages all channels providing a tailored ecosystem where the HCP engages when, where and how they prefer. HCPs can request samples (and promo materials) through the following channels for all of their strategic sampling needs:



Virtual engagement

Remote engagement

Connected apps

Field and/or hybrid sales reps, service reps, specialty reps

Websites & portals

Automated marketing outreach (digital) & Non-personal promotion such as direct marketing (mail, fax)

Strategic Sampling Journey.

Define the scope

  • What are the data and insights telling us?
  • Where is the product within the lifecycle
  • What channels exist already?
  • How are the current channels being leveraged?
  • Which channels are missing in order to optimize the sampling strategy?

Determine the journey

  • Sales/service rep strategy and sampling integration process?
  • Rep activated ordering process?
  • Digital marketing strategy?
  • HCP activated ordering process?

Deliver results.

  • Best in class quality assurance and compliance structure
  • Operational excellence
  • Unparallel data reporting and insights
  • Account Management touch points

Let us do the work for you.

Strategic sampling is smart sampling. Compliant sampling is stress-free sampling.

Database of over 70,000 Medical Doctors and 130,000 HCPs across Canada

Live bilingual in-country help desk

Available for rep sampling

On-demand sample and material availability

Industry-leading temperature-controlled logistics from coast to coast

Readily available reporting, insights, like and dashboards

Living list of HCP detailing and sample requests

Highest compliance rate of any Canadian sampling provider

Connect with an expert.

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