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Healthcare Professional (HCP) Education.

With our clinical educator or nurse teams, we keep healthcare professionals and healthcare office staff apprised of how medications will impact patients, to best prepare patients for treatment and enable them to achieve targeted outcomes.

Preparing healthcare professionals.

Medicines and their administration techniques are becoming increasingly complex in our ever-evolving healthcare landscape, particularly when considering many specialty and rare and orphan diseases. Assisting healthcare professionals with understanding how such treatments might impact their patients is paramount to their properly addressing patient concerns and achieving optimal outcomes.

As an industry leader in patient support services, we understand this need and we partner with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide healthcare professionals with clinical education on:

  • How to best prepare patients for a medication that come with side effects or adverse reactions. This establishes appropriate patient expectations from treatment onset and will have a greater chance of creating treatment persistence.
  • Side effect management, device training and medication administration.

Why partner with us?

We are the industry leaders in patient support and education, with more than 25 years of experience. We understand the complexities of disease and patient response, and we can help you prepare healthcare professionals to successfully educate patients and their care partners on what to expect with their new medications.

Our clinical educators are chosen based on their therapeutic area expertise covering many chronic and rare and orphan diseases. They understand how your medication works and impacts the patient and can make sure the healthcare professional has all the information needed to alleviate patient concern.

We can flex your team size to meet the changing needs of the practices requiring support throughout the program.

We offer global programs through our worldwide network of local experts to reach all those practices prescribing your medication.

Our services.

Effective HCP education services require knowledgeable experts who can relate and talk to peers on the disease and its treatment with language that resonates. Our programs include disease state or treatment education, how to administer the treatment or how to teach the patient to self-administer. Often, we implement our disease-state education only programs for new-to-market products where familiarity needs to be increased so that office staff can recognize the patients who might be suitable for your medication.

Speak to an expert.

Are you ready to reimagine health with healthcare professional clinical education on your medicine?