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Home Care and Hands on Care.

We deliver safe, high-quality, hands on patient care in homes, communities, and hospitals with our skilled, trained and validated nurse and phlebotomy teams, all supported via our state-of-the-art contact centers.

Providing a truly flexible service and exceptional care.

Making sure patients take their prescribed treatment is paramount to improving patient outcomes as well as achieving brand success, yet many of these treatments are difficult to administer or require frequent blood draws to monitor patient reaction. Addressing these challenges can tax your organization, draining resources that are needed elsewhere.

That’s where we can help. We can partner with you to devise and execute a plan to administer the treatment or educate patients to self-administer, as well as provide any additional support services needed with our experienced teams of healthcare professionals.

Our services

Our Home Care service aims to improve patient outcomes and access to treatment. Through our skilled, trained and validated nurse and phlebotomy teams, we deliver preventative education and ongoing care through individualized care pathways for adults and children.

We offer flexible, bespoke programmes to meet your objectives, including:

In-person services at homes, communities and hospitals assisting, administering treatment or training on all aspects of product delivery including oral, intramuscular, subcutaneous and Intravenous medicines and device management.

Digital outreach to be used independently to support patients with their medicines, to support a virtual ward concept, or support face-to-face training and treatment.

A concierge, contact center service designed to assist patients with a quick response to their inbound calls, schedule visits or arrange patient information distribution.

Regular blood draws to screen/monitor the treatment programme.

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