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Inizio Engage Austria.

About Inizio Engage.

Inizio Engage is a global strategic, commercial, and creative engagement healthcare partner with local expertise. Our global reach is broad and our local expertise helps even the smallest team reimagine challenges into lasting solutions.

Our location and contact information.

Wienerbergstraße 11 ı Turm A ı 10.OG
1100 Vienna
+43 1 890 51 86

Want to join Inizio Engage Austria?

From entry level to PhD, from field-based to hybrid to fully remote, and nurses, industry experts, MSLs, sales and service reps, research, analytics, and expert creatives, we have positions available across the globe, here at Inizio Engage.

Meet the Inizio Engage Austria team.

Florian Lambert

General Manager

Franz Bucher

Business Development & Operations

Sandra Fabing

Communication & Legal Affairs

Lucijana Brekalo

Project Management

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