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Inizio Engage Spain honored by Forbes in best company list

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3 June 2024

Inizio Engage has been chosen as one of the top 100 best companies to work for in Spain in 2024. The list, published by Forbes in the Spanish edition of the magazine, includes different companies from various sectors.

Each year, Forbes curates this list featuring Spain’s top 100 employers, highlighting organizations that excel in cultivating employee satisfaction and growth through innovative strategies and initiatives. To determine the recipients of the “Best Companies to Work For” honor, Forbes assesses over 2,000 contenders across critical aspects like workplace culture, diversity and inclusion, employee training and advancement opportunities, and talent retention.

The final list is compiled based on the results of an independent survey administered by SigmaDos, Spain’s premier market research and polling organization, which gathers the crucial insights directly from employees.

Strengthening Employee Connections and Engagement

One of the recent goals for the team in Spain was to create a stronger connection to its employees as most of them are working out in the field for Inizio Engage’s clients. Bea Makowka and Conceição Simão, the Head of People and Culture and General Manager for Iberia, respectively, have made significant progress in achieving this goal by taking several actions. These commitments and initiatives include holding quarterly town halls and facilitating training seminars on important topics. This helps to engage all employees in an inclusive environment where they feel seen and heard by managers that care about their collective success. Collective success and teamwork coupled with diverse skills and knowledge is one of Inizio’s core values and something that is not necessarily easy with almost 5,000 people across 20 countries, but it’s made possible through an environment of trust, transparency, and collaboration.

What made this award extra special is the high level of optional participation (68%) and positive feedback.

Despite being in the running for the prestigious honor, Makowka wanted to express to the participating employees that, regardless of the potential recognition, the teams were genuinely interested in hearing about various aspects of their work experience. This included not only their feelings about the work itself but also factors such as respect, inclusivity, empowerment, and recognition.

Building Trust and Delivering Excellence for Clients

It’s not a new concept but Makowka knows that if you take care of the people that are working for your company, they will take care of the company and its clients.

Regardless of the employee’s role in the company, whether it be business development or client solutions, Simão said that knowing her team’s dedication and commitment to excellent work for Inizio Engage’s clients comes back again to trust. “I trust that I have the best people doing their jobs to make a difference in the lives of the people that our clients ultimately help,” Simão said.

“I know that I have the right people who are committed to doing the best work for clients and that’s a big reason why Inizio Engage was able to secure its spot on this list.”

Driving Continuous Improvement, Growth, and Sustainability

As far as looking ahead as a company and with their teams, both Makowka and Simão are motivated to keep the momentum going by continuing to listen to what the employees need and fostering an even deeper sense of inclusivity so that Inizio Engage never stops growing and getting better.

Another way these teams are focusing on continuous improvement and growth globally and regionally is by prioritizing sustainability. Sustainability is a business imperative for Inizio Engage, Makowka said. Great progress was made in 2023, from an environmental impact perspective and globally the company has set ambitious targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. In Spain, the teams have received validation for their efforts towards accelerated decarbonization plans. They secured the use of 80% renewable energy in their operations and transitioned 25% of their fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles.

“I am delighted to see our team recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 employer in Spain. This is credit to the strong leadership of our General Manager for the region, Conceicao Simao, her leadership team and the entire team who work for Inizio Engage in Spain. They are fostering a culture which embodies our Inizio values and leadership commitments and have shown tremendous dedication in nurturing a supportive, progressive environment for everyone to be a part of,” said Benjamin Rapp, President Commercial and Patient Solutions, EuCanJa.

All the top 100 honorees for 2024 were honored at a luncheon in Madrid on May 28th. Congratulations to our fellow honorees. To learn more about the other companies visit Forbes.