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Inizio Engage Launches Patient Access Services

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13 July 2023

Inizio Engage launches Patient Access Services – an integrated suite of patient support services to enhance access and adherence for specialty therapies

Inizio Engage is pleased to announce the launch of Patient Access Services. This custom-built, integrated suite of patient support services has been developed to enhance the overall patient experience while encouraging adherence and improving health outcomes in specialty or rare and orphan diseases. This service helps patients, care partners, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their staff navigate the inherent complexities encountered during what is often a long journey to diagnosis.

Inizio Engage has supported the needs of patients with specialty or rare and orphan diseases for over 20 years. Drawing upon this experience, Patient Access Services answers the market’s demand for more transparency around data and reporting within hub and patient support solutions. “Doing what is right by the patient is the deeply rooted passion that drives our team forward. It is our mission to harness the power of empathy and insights to create experiences tailored to the individual needs of each of the patients we serve”, remarked Nareda Mills, Global President, Patient Solutions at Inizio Engage.

Patient Access Services integrates three support functions:

  • Treatment Navigators: Provides comprehensive education on the disease, treatment, and potential side effects as the single point of contact for patients and care partners. They empower patients by addressing their concerns, reviewing benefits, assisting with copay eligibility, obtaining prior authorization, and offering educational support to HCPs during the appeal process for denied authorizations.
  • Field Reimbursement Manager (FRM): Supports HCP offices in streamlining medication procurement for patients, allowing HCPs to focus on patient care. They expedite therapy initiation by ensuring accurate insurance submissions from the start, educating staff on patient enrollment, and sharing local, regional, and national payer requirements using a comprehensive payer policy database. FRMs oversee prior authorizations, monitor patient coverage in real time, and collaborate with specialty pharmacies and distributors to ensure medication availability.
  • Clinical Educator: Delivers top-tier supplemental disease education and treatment administration support, in-person and/or virtually when needed. They can also provide behavioral health skill building and nutrition guidance to patients and their care partners, as well as offer HCPs education on the disease state, its treatment, and how to administer the treatment.

Our Patient Access Services will be enriched by the award-winning platform, Trak360, that underpins our legacy education offerings. Trak360 now includes enhanced features to seamlessly, securely link engagements, simplifying the intricate aspects of patients’ treatment journeys.

The launch of Patient Access Services is core to Inizio Engage’s strategy of partnering with Life Sciences organizations to make change happen. Inizio Engage leverages its deep therapeutic and subject matter expertise to consult, create, and activate solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client we partner with.

Greg Flynn, CEO of Inizio Engage, commented, “The launch of Patient Access Services is a significant advancement in the capabilities we offer to support their patients on their treatment journey. Partnering education and financial services behind a single point of contact will reduce friction for patients, HCPs and their care partners and improve health outcomes.”

For more information visit: https://inizioengage.com/patient-solutions-us-services/patient-access-services/