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Patient Access Services.

We harness the power of empathy and insights to enhance access and adherence for patients and their care partners navigating the specialty or rare and orphan disease treatment experience.

Supporting a fully integrated patient experience from diagnosis through ongoing engagement and support.

Patients suffering with rare, orphan and other specialty diseases can sometimes wait up to ten years for a diagnosis, and then face significant hurdles around access, affordability and utilization of prescribed medication. Complex payer systems, specialty pharmacies and hub services, medication administration, understanding and navigating possible side effects impose an even greater burden on a vulnerable population already strained by these challenges.  

We understand these challenges and offer a suite of services to meet the expanding needs of this special patient population from the pre-treatment/prescribing phase, coverage determination and fulfillment to the ongoing patient engagement and support. We also understand the importance of transparency and interoperability to our clients. We accomplish this by leveraging our award-winning Trak360 platform, allowing our team to adapt and adjust every step of the way.

Empowering specialty patient populations with seamless next generation support

We know the speed at which the industry is changing, and we continually rise to the challenge of navigating these industry complexities and hurdles for patients and their care partners. 

We believe these special patient populations deserve the additional support that only our Patient Access suite of services offers. We ensure that the support we provide is optimized to meet the needs of our clients, patients and their care partners through: 

Culture and Heritage – Our 20+ year legacy of delivering award-winning, patient-centric solutions through our highly skilled experts enable us to create and execute seamless patient-centric programs that resonate.

Our Core Capabilities of Access, Affordability and Education – We enhance the speed at which patients can access and understand the affordability of their specialty therapies and ensure they have the education they need to remain compliant and persistent on therapy.

Technological innovation – Our enhanced proprietary Trak360 platform allows for seamless interoperability and omnichannel integration to the varied eco-system needed to increase speed to therapy and provide a full 360-degree view of a patient’s status within their treatment journey.

Data-backed insights – Throughout the provision of all our services we incorporate mechanisms that allow us to continuously develop and provide ongoing insights that help not only improve our service level to our clients, patients and caregivers, but also inform brands on evolving trends we’re seeing in their patient populations

Our services.

Patient Access catalyzes and empowers the patient experience through a suite of services backed by our award-winning, patient-centric Trak360 technology platform. We seek to improve outcomes by enhancing speed to therapy, and supporting adherence and persistence by helping patients and their care partners navigate the complexities of access and affordability, administering and adhering to their medication for rare and specialty disease treatment.

Our suite of Patient Access Services address the complex barriers that patients and HCPs will encounter.


Pre-treatment diagnostics and enrollment

  • Pre-treatment diagnostics
  • Appropriate patient identification and statement of medical necessity or prescription
  • Global consent
  • REMS requirements
  • Specialist locator
  • Care coordination support

Coverage determination and fulfillment

  • Enrollment and welcome call
  • eBI/eBV
  • Prior authorization
  • Appeals support
  • Co-Pay and PAP eligibility
  • Quick start and bridge coordination
  • Specialty pharmacy and distribution triage
  • Site of care and treatment logistics
  • Transportation and lodging support

Ongoing engagement

  • Post-diagnosis or treatment
  • Dose titration, injection or infusion education
  • Coping and positive mindset techniques
  • Patient, provider, and care partner dialogue tools
  • Adherence strategies
  • Monitoring and mitigating adverse events
  • Benefit re-verification and re-enrollment
  • Navigating re-entering society

Our Award-Winning Results

20+ years as the market leader in the provision of patient support services, launching hundreds of patient engagement programs in the US market

Exceptional patient and HCP satisfaction and Net Promotor scores 

The lowest attrition rates of our competitors 

Award-winning Trak360 technology platform for optimized engagement.  

Meet our Patient Access Services team

Jack Beard

Vice President, Patient Access

Nareda Mills

President, Global Patient Solutions (COE)

Steve Fields

Vice President of Field Reimbursement​

Joi Hatcher

Senior Director of Quality and Compliance

Meghan Petit

Solution Architect

Amanda Wheeler

Executive Director

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