Home Insights Ashfield Engage solidifies strategic partnership with “smart data” firm PROPENSITY4

Ashfield Engage solidifies strategic partnership with “smart data” firm PROPENSITY4

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16 June 2021

Please note, this article contains references to Ashfield Engage which has now become Inizio Engage

The partnership is set to deliver evidence-driven customer experiences throughout Ashfield Engage service offerings.

Deep expertise in smart data

Ashfield Engage, part of UDG Healthcare plc., announces it has invested in Pennsylvania-based PROPENSITY4, formalising a strategic partnership to deliver optimised omnichannel outreach and customer engagement throughout North America via the integration of data, analytics and insights within its Customer Experience offering. This move solidifies a working partnership between the two companies that has flourished over the past three years.

PROPENSITY4 offers deep expertise in smart data; namely, transforming disparate data into integrated insight platforms that are connected across customers, commercial operations and strategic objectives. This capability will serve to enrich Ashfield Engage’s customer experience offerings across its specialist areas:  Commercial, Patient Solutions, Medical Affairs and Market Access.

Jason Erickson, leading Ashfield Engage’s Customer Experience function for North America, noted: “Ashfield Engage delivers expert engagement throughout the continuum of healthcare outreach to provide customers with the knowledge and medicines they need.”

“In working with PROPENSITY4, we are elevating our engagement models by strategically quantifying the approach and channels to deliver the best customer experience, while optimising ROI for our clients.”

“Not only can we execute programmes, but we can now offer more value by identifying the drivers of successful, targeted execution through the highly impactful work of PROPENSITY4.”

Perfect synergy

Former Astra Zeneca business insight director, Sese Abhulimen, Managing Director, PROPENSITY4 established the company to move away from project-specific analytics to a big-picture approach, ensuring that data, analytics and insights are tied together to drive strategy across payers, patients and healthcare professionals. Using proprietary analytical platforms, PROPENSITY4 integrates the appropriate internal and external data assets, defines the right methodology set, and then runs specific analytic models to drive detailed insight into market size and opportunity; into payer, HCP and patient profiles; and into how and where companies can effectively compete.

“We are excited to formally partner with Ashfield Engage to layer in the advanced analytics complementing their service offerings,” remarked Sese Abhulimen. “In working with Ashfield Engage over the past few years, we have seen that it already has the right people, channels and technology in place to serve its clients.”

“This integration of evidence-driven insights and strategies with their dedication to delivering rich experiential, omnichannel solutions is a perfect synergy.”

“Ultimately, we want to use this strategic partnership with PROPENSITY4 to offer our clients the ability to give customers a great experience from beginning to end – an experience fuelled by data and insights,” remarked Jason Erickson. “With PROPENSITY4 on our team, we are able to not only provide the insights and strategy to set up successful programmes, but we are then able to provide continual feedback to constantly improve.”