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Inizio Engage Canada hosts ICE Awards event

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14 June 2024

On Thursday, June 13th 2024, the Inizio Engage Canadian team hosted their annual ICE Awards. This hybrid event brought our team members together in person at the office, and virtually via Zoom to celebrate their colleagues.

The Awards of Excellence honor individuals who deliver exceptional performance, while living the values that create an environment that enables us to deliver success for our people, for our clients, and for our community.

With 7 awards available, winners were selected based on achievements aligned with their yearly goals, our Inizio Engage values, and their ability to go above and beyond. The Committee responsible for picking the winners included members of senior leadership, HR, operations, IT, and marketing.

Awards were received in the following categories:

  • Dedicated Services
  • Dedicated Sales
  • Virtual Engagement
  • Medical
  • Head Office – Support
  • Head Office – Functional
  • Managers Award

Announcing the finalists and winners:

Dedicated Services:

[Nominee] Frederique Girard, Patient Solutions Specialist

[Nominee] Kate Beers, Patient Service Representative

[Nominee] Madison Lavallee, Patient Service Representative

[Winner] Graham Stoliker, Patient Service Representative/Virtual Engagement Associate (VEA)

“Graham was able to surpass his HCPs reach by 20%; in addition to working tirelessly at maintaining market share of the brand that he was promoting, despite being left alone to cover the western part of Canada. Graham showcased a lot of ownership and was able to meet with the specialists in his geos to provide them with patient support material. Thus, maintaining market shares despite client’s expectations of a decline.”


Dedicated Sales:

[Nominee] Luce Trahan, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

[Nominee] Marguerite Ajaka, Virtual Territory Manager

[Nominee] Mayaline Youssef, Virtual Territory Manager

[Nominee] Nallie Ramtahal, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

[Winner] Nathalie Khalil, Virtual Territory Manager 

“Nathalie consistently goes above and beyond to achieve excellence. She has exceeded every KPI, achieving impressive monthly averages. She is always willing to take on extra responsibilities such as aiding in the onboarding of new hires, and pursuing new initiatives, showcasing her leadership through her seamless collaboration with her client’s marketing team. Nathalie is the epitome of hard work and collaboration.”


Virtual Engagement:

[Nominee] Hilary Blyth, CSO Player Coach

[Nominee] Yndira Goveia, Virtual Territory Manager

[Winner] Mohammed Sedrati, Virtual Territory Manager 

“Mohammed is an invaluable resource to the team. The client has utilized his effectiveness in being their sole representative for a few weeks on a few products. He gives 100% every day no matter what roadblocks are thrown his way. As he moves to another contract as a field representative, he has committed to be a support for any questions his replacement may have.”



[Nominee] Dan Gherghiceanu, Medical Information Specialist

[Winner] Catherine Goulding, Medical Science Liaison

“Cat consistently surpasses expectations for both Inizio and the client. She has set new benchmarks for the broader teams she works with. Cat demonstrates a remarkable ability to transform even the most skeptical HCPs into advocates, a hallmark of a truly valuable MSL. Her leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, and integrity continually drive her team toward excellence.”


Head Office – Support:

[Nominee] Genny Mendoza, Marketing Coordinator

[Nomiee] Sandra Zapata, Team Manager, Operations

[Winner] Jennifer Yule, Senior Client Account Coordinator

“Jenn has surpassed any KPI put in her path and has shown us all, hard work and dedication go a long way. Having trained and continuously spreading her vast knowledge and expertise,  educating the majority of the team who have been part of and/or are still part of Operations – Jenn is a pilar to her team and an amazing role model for any employee who walks through those doors.”


Head Office – Functional:

[Nominee] Maria Torres, Financial Controller

[Winner] Jesus Munoz Torres, Manager, Software Development

“Jesus demonstrates a profound enthusiasm for technology and consistently delivers solutions with remarkable efficiency, fostering trust within the organization and among team members. His contributions significantly benefit our company. Jesus’s proactive efforts have resulted in an 11% reduction in AWS hosting costs, while maintaining 100% uptime for critical systems. He is an invaluable asset to the Inizio team!”


Managers Award:

[Nominee] Rodrigo Silva, Canadian Marketing Manager

[Winner] Ingrid Charles, Regional Business Manager

“Ingrid is an instrumental part of the success of the client’s program. She leads her teams and supports marketing in developing messages that have impact on customers. She is devoted, and she ensured her teams were engaged and supported throughout a year of changes for her client.”


A huge congratulations to all the nominees and the very deserving winners. Check out some images from the event below.