Home Insights Ashfield Engage leaders honored with PM360 ELITE award

Ashfield Engage leaders honored with PM360 ELITE award

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16 May 2023

Please note, this article contains references to Ashfield Engage which has now become Inizio Engage

Ashfield Engage leaders honored with PM360 ELITE award

We’re proud to announce two members of Ashfield Engage leadership have been recognized with one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, joining the PM360 ELITE lineup.

The PM360 ELITE (Exceptional • Leaders • Innovators • Transformers • Entrepreneurs) Awards represent the most influential people and teams in the healthcare and life sciences industries based on their career accomplishments. Out of more than 500 submissions, 100 winners are selected by the PM360 editorial staff across various categories that span every facet of the industry, and we are honored to have two of our business leaders, Nareda Mills, Global President, Patient Solutions and Christopher Savage, SVP of Global Strategy and North American Sales and Marketing among them.  

Recognition in the Patient Advocate category places Nareda among the empathetic and tireless advocates who network, speak out, and support the advancement of new treatments and better care.

Recognition in the Strategist Category places Chris among the select, unique leaders who have a sixth sense for what works and the ability to predict what a company will need to do in order to remain relevant as the industry evolves. 

Announcing Nareda’s win, PM360 highlighted how Nareda’s career and passion for patient education led to the development of our Patient Access services where patient navigators now work to help newly diagnosed patients understand the challenges in obtaining specialty and rare and orphan disease medications, in terms of pre-initiation testing requirements, coverage determination and fulfillment along with ongoing engagement. 

Announcing Chris’ win, PM360 drew particular attention to Chris’ success and efforts in the globalization of our Medical Affairs Capabilities and the evolution of our commercial services to focus on efficient and effective customer engagement driven by data and delivering true omnichannel capabilities.

On Chris and Nareda’s recognition, Global President of Inizio Engage, Greg Flynn said, “Both Chris and Nareda are indispensable leaders in our company and true experts that have been producing extraordinary results for quite some time now. Chris’ strategic and transformative way of thinking has led to continual improvements of our company’s engagement services efficiently and in a cost-effective way. 

Nareda’s passion for patient education is obvious in every aspect of what we offer at Ashfield Engage, especially in the rare and orphan space which is so underserved.  We are extremely pleased to see both of our colleagues being recognized on this scale within the industry for two different yet equally important aspects of how we help the people that we serve.” 

For Nareda, designing effective patient support is all about listening. She feels there is still a lot to be done to stay closer to patients and understand their needs. Although she believes technology platforms can help, the reliance upon social media and its potential for delivering inaccurate or biased information is a real concern, and one to which Nareda hopes to find an answer.  Patient Mentor programs can help with this, and although there are hurdles to overcome in developing such platforms within the industry, Nareda is prepared to tackle the challenge.  

As a front-line engagement partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Chris recognizes there is still much work to be done and is focusing on strategies that will evolve engagement to drive better behaviors both efficiently and cost effectively. Continually challenging the status quo, his goal is to make sure that every engagement is a combination of the right message, delivered in the right channel, at the right time to drive the necessary actions leading to an exceptional treatment experience for each patient. 

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