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Healthcare Professional (HCP) Education

With our clinical educator or nurse teams, we keep healthcare professionals and healthcare office staff apprised of how medications will impact patients, to best prepare patients for treatment and enable them to achieve targeted outcomes.

Addressing the need for office staff education on complex disease and treatment.

The increasing difficulties in administering the new medicines treating the many specialty and rare and orphan diseases, coupled with the complexities of the diseases themselves, have strained resources in physician offices. Staff who would normally address methods of administration, or advise patients on how to do it themselves, are not always knowledgeable to do so.

Recognizing this challenge, we have partnered with pharmaceutical and biotech companies for our clinical educators to provide healthcare professional education programs to medical assistants, LPNs, RNs, PAs, nurse practitioners, office managers, and biologic coordinators ensuring they are fully educated on the disease, your treatment, and how to administer it.

Our services.

Effective healthcare professional education services require knowledgeable experts who can relate and talk to peers on the disease and its treatment with language that resonates. Our programs include disease state or treatment education, how to administer the treatment or how to teach the patient to self-administer. Often, we implement our disease-state education only programs for new-to-market products where familiarity needs to be increased so that office staff can recognize the patients who might be suitable for your medication.

To offer the best healthcare professional education services, we:

Provide highly skilled professionals with the specific therapeutic area expertise.

Leverage our clinical heritage to best understand, and then create a plan to overcome the challenges or barriers existing within the therapeutic area and/or with the medication itself in order to ensure effective education.

Build flexible staffing options to meet your business needs allowing you to amp up/down quickly.

From in person training to virtual engagement solutions; we provide comprehensive disease state and product training for healthcare professionals.

Actively monitor, measure satisfaction, and evolve your program to address unmet needs and bring actionable insights that inspire lasting change in health outcomes.

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Are you ready to reimagine health with effective healthcare professional education on your medication?