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Disease State Education and Awareness.

We deliver top-tier disease state education and support by leveraging your approved materials to better inform and empower existing patients and foster new relationships with patients who might otherwise be undiscovered.

Educating and supporting existing and potential patients to create a better understanding of their disease.

Diseases and their treatment can be complex. Disease-state education serves as critical support by empowering patients with the information needed to cope with the disease and its treatment. This is especially true for at-risk populations and underprivileged communities who otherwise don’t have this information readily available to them.

Existing patients and their care partners may be overwhelmed and crave the answers that come from better understanding their condition so they can best continue their treatment. Many potential patients may not even know the disease exists or be aware of its warning signs, finding treatment far too late or not at all.

We see this need for education and awareness continually, and we understand the benefits it can bring in impacting health outcomes, so we have developed services in partnership with many pharmaceutical companies to provide this much needed education and support.

Why use us?

  • We are the industry leaders in patient support and education, with more than 20 years of experience. We understand the complexities of disease and patient response, and we can help you successfully reach existing and potential patients and care partners to achieve targeted outcomes.
  • Our clinical nurse educators have backgrounds ranging from at least 5 years of experience in the disease’s therapeutic area. As a result, they have the needed understanding and empathy to address existing and potential patients regarding the disease.

Our services.

Drawing upon our strong expertise in all aspects of patient support, along with data-backed actionable insights, we will work with you to develop a strategic approach to the educational support needed to best impact health outcomes in the disease area served by your brand. We will recruit clinical nurse educators with experience in your therapeutic area to provide the educational support and create awareness of the disease. We will also create, or partner with your agency of choice to create, the necessary, compliant educational materials on your individual disease state.

Education and awareness activities might include:

Calling on medical offices and clinics, providing the office staff with materials, educational sessions and a direct support line.

Enrolling patients and care partners in educational seminars or provide resources to assist them with finding community support.

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