Home Insights Providing an Outsourced Commercial Operation for Launch into Europe

Providing an Outsourced Commercial Operation for Launch into Europe

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Providing an outsourced commercial operation for launch into Europe.

The Challenge

Our client was committed to bringing their innovative cardiovascular product portfolio to the European market at speed – but lacked an operational footprint in the region.

Their aim was to leverage a strategic commercialization and infrastructure partner to launch in multiple markets and better engage with the healthcare community with a robust, agile infrastructure prepared for current and future needs.

Our Solution

Inizio Engage has built a commercial operation including medical science liaisons (MSLs), key account managers, sales representatives, omnichannel representatives, and contact center support services, targeting specialist and primary care.

Inizio Engage is also supporting our client with the direct recruitment of senior leadership roles and employees, ranging from in-country General Managers to above-country commercial, market access and marketing roles.

The Result

The work done by Inizio Engage to support our client, has resulted in:

  • The project will total ~550 personnel in 15 countries* for an initial period of three years.
  • Our infrastructure, expertise and commercial ingenuity is integral to the partnership, e.g.
  • Provision of offices and IT infrastructure for head office teams in Germany.
  • Local commercial consultancy with local Inizio Engage management.
  • Our client is reengineering the way traditional pharma companies operate, leveraging the expertise, speed and scale a trusted partner can provide to its commercial strategies.

* Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and Ireland.