Home Insights Ashfield Engage announces new technology partnership with AI-powered KOL mapping and profiling tech provider, PeakData

Ashfield Engage announces new technology partnership with AI-powered KOL mapping and profiling tech provider, PeakData

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2 November 2021

Please note, this article contains references to Ashfield Engage which has now become Inizio Engage

Ashfield Engage announces new technology partnership with AI -powered KOL mapping and profiling tech provider, PeakData.

Ashfield Engage, part of UDG Healthcare, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with PeakData, a world leading technology company delivering AI-fueled scientific landscape analysis through their ground-breaking technology platform. 

This partnership enhances Key Opinion Leader (KOL) mapping and profiling capabilities for MSL solutions within the Medical Affairs specialist area of Ashfield Engage. Users can expect a competitive layer of real-time updates on KOL activity that improves strategic decision-making and program design as well as inform and improve customer engagement.

Currently working with several Top 10 pharmaceutical companies, PeakData is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI). PeakData uses AI to draw upon a combination of local web data with existing data sources to deepen and enrich insights on Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) at an unparalleled scale and speed.

Amy Van Sant, President, Medical Affairs at Ashfield Engage, on the partnership;

“This exciting new technology partner further advances the existing suite of analytics we leverage at Ashfield Engage. Providing invaluable, real-time insights via innovative, AI technology, PeakData is a natural fit for our clients and MSLs; it’s about informing strategy with data to impact downstream, tactical execution all while making it a seamless experience for the client and for our MSLs to utilize the data.”

PeakData’s technology utilizes swarms of AI to track what digital activators and influencers are talking about in real-time. Physician reviews, blog posts, medical societies, patient groups, websites of hospitals and HCPs, social media and payments and grant records are continually monitored and used to fuel updates to KOL Mapping and Profiling. This kind of speed and scale of information makes PeakData a partner to help plan and design effective MSL teams who concentrate on key influencers with the greatest activation potential. By arming MSLs with insights on KOL activity, the quality and depth of engagement can go beyond traditional communication to build meaningful relationships.

In partnering with PeakData, Ashfield Engage can not only design and implement effective MSL teams based on robust field knowledge, infrastructure, and processes, but also have the data available to help ensure our MSLs are successful. Activity impact clearly demonstrates the resonance of key topics, scientific share of voice, activation of opinion leaders, mobilization of networks and changes in practice.

PeakData Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick de Boer, PhD is pleased with the opportunity to partner with Ashfield Engage, saying;

“We are excited to partner with Ashfield Engage, to enhance their already robust service offering in Medical Affairs. We see PeakData as filling a gap in the way medical teams receive and analyze their data for insights. Combining our AI approach and platform with Ashfield’s global presence across a variety of areas of medical affairs will have an immediate and long-term positive impact for our customers and the patients they serve.”