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Patient Support and Adherence.

We partner with you to deliver patient-centric, insight driven support programs with the goal to empower patients and improve adherence to achieve better health outcomes.

Delivering impactful, tailored engagement programs for patients, their care partners and healthcare professionals.

The costs from non-adherence to medications are staggering. We understand this, and have partnered with many, to successfully engage patients and their care partners with support plans addressing the whole patient from the moment of diagnosis through the treatment experience.

We can collaborate with you to successfully design a personalized, compliant support plan encouraging adherence for patients and their care partners. Then, our team of support specialists, remote centers and digital, omnichannel outreach will engage to address patients’ concerns and educate them on their medication through their channel of preference.

Why use us?

We have the therapeutic expertise and deep engagement experience to truly make a difference to patients and their care partners throughout treatment. Educated and supported patients will more likely adhere to and persist with their treatment, resulting in the better health outcomes you envision.

Just consider some of our patient support program results:

96% reported a first call resolution experience

99% of patients expressed overall satisfaction with their support specialist

97% of patients reported confidence in managing their condition

92% of patients plan to fill their next prescription

Our services.

Supporting patients and care partners with:

  • Disease, device and adverse event education and support
  • Coping and communication strategies
  • Health behavior change
  • Adherence strategies
  • Health outcomes

Supporting Healthcare Professionals with:

  • A 360° view of the patient’s program engagement

Services delivered through:

Clinical nurse educators – field, phone and hybrid

Remote engagement centers

Omnichannel 24/7 support

Trak360™ – our award-winning customer experience technology platform

Our talent.

Patient support is our passion and it is evident in all our team members. We place great importance on establishing a holistic employee journey, so everyone in your patient support program can create a positive patient experience.
Not only do we work with you to develop a training program to meet your goals, but we provide additional learning and development opportunities to ensure that every member of our patient support team has the skills they need to deliver the results you want and the patient deserves.

Our comprehensive, high-quality training programs are designed and delivered by our credentialed team of in-house experts. Our latest innovative programs include:

  • Patient-centric communication.
  • Building resilience.
  • Taking flight with DISC.
  • Virtual interactions.

“Our client partnership with Inizio Engage enables a seamless, high-quality patient experience. It is truly a combination of in-depth understanding of the patient’s needs, great talent, and technology that positions Inizio Engage as a leading service provider.”

– Executive Director, Commercial Strategy & Operations at a leading pharma company

Are you ready to reimagine health?

Partner with the experts at Inizio Engage patient support and adherence team to put in place a patient support plan to drive adherence and better disease outcomes.