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Omnichannel: More than a buzzword?

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Please note, this article contains references to Ashfield Engage which has now become Inizio Engage

Right now, just about every industry is hanging its hat on the concept of omnichannel. For healthcare, we see this as a unique delivery of messaging for patients, care partners and HCPs – it’s about experience, not just frequency and reach.

Is the patient more receptive to text message notifications or engagements than phone calls? That difference in preference can mean a measurable improvement when it comes to adherence and persistence. Omnichannel is about meeting patients where they are – it’s about adopting to an individual’s personal preference, then operationalising that at scale. A tall feat that, with the right tools, can become an evolving yet seamless experience.

We foresee a continuing shift towards curating content and touchpoints to an individuals’ preferences. Rather than relying on generalised personas, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are now able to view each person as an individual to deliver a more personalised approach at scale.

Platforms like Trak360™, which is built on Salesforce Health Cloud technology, can evolve to meet the needs of clients and subtle preferences of many unique individuals.

Streamline your tech, improve the patient experience.

It’s a pervasive problem within the digital age – siloed capabilities sitting within disparate platforms and tools that don’t talk to each other. While this is a great business model for tech startups, this often means organisations are working with multiple platforms that provide disjointed experiences.

We encourage clients to assess whether their patients are receiving a true omnichannel experience and if the impact comes back to them in a way that holds their vendors accountable. Ashfield Engage’s Trak360™ is the brainchild of this experience – solving for the disjointed content and communication that happens when multiple platforms are patching together the work of one.

Visual reporting tools (no more Excel files to decipher), a streamlined delivery system for patient/care partner content, and tools to close the patient feedback loop all fold in to create a seamless experience for the patient.

On the back-end, our clients are also receiving insights and data to help pivot programmes and messaging with greater precision. Capabilities will continue to evolve and as patients grow accustomed to relevant, always-on content, pharma will need to keep pace with delivering on those expectations.

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