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Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs).

Leverage the industry expertise of FRMs to educate HCPs and their staff on the various aspects of reimbursement and coverage requirements for specialty therapies, thereby enhancing speed to treatment and improving patient outcomes. 

FRMs help navigate the hurdles to specialty therapy.

The timeline for patients suffering with rare and orphan or specialty diseases to start therapy is critical, but the process can be daunting. FRM expertise is most necessary and valuable when payer policies, reimbursement, patient services, and care coordination are challenging or ambiguous for these therapies.​

That’s where we can help. Our FRM reimbursement experts implement an efficient and compliant approach to speed up the time of treatment initiation. They serve as the liaisons of HCP and payer communications, alleviating administrative hurdles and prior authorization submissions and denials that HCP offices and patients face, and they partner with internal or external HUB providers and specialty pharmacies to expedite access.

Customized, patient-centric solutions.

We respond to the needs of our clients with patient-centric, quality solutions tailored to meet the specifications and needs at hand. To this end, we leverage our subject matter experts’ vast knowledge of the many complexities in specialty pharma along with their 20+ years of experience in rare and orphan drug patient support.

We provide:

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Flexibility to scale.

You have the opportunity to scale up or down based on your current program needs and payer policy cycles.

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Risk mitigation.

Avoid the negative outcomes and headaches associated with the loss of productivity and separation/severance payouts.

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Organizational stability.

Overcome negative impacts on internal culture and external perception during a team transition.

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Assures HCPs that they will continue to be supported by a trusted

Streamlining treatment access and allowing HCPs to focus on patient care.

Our FRMs work to accelerate the beginning of a patient treatment plan by facilitating smooth and timely treatment onboarding.

To deliver on this, we provide:

Subject matter expertise in reimbursement and access

FRMs liaise to HCPs and their staff, educating on coverage requirements, providing payer communications, working to ensure the best possible submission for payer coverage and resolving any prior authorization denials until coverage is approved.

Payer intelligence

A closely connected payer landscape database platform serves as a digital storehouse for complex payer policies on local, regional and national levels which every FRM and case manager can view to ensure prior authorizations are submitted with robust data and alignment with the required details, and then follow patient progress to coverage in real time.

Support to key HCP office personnel

FRMs serve to support the office staff through onboarding, educating on all available patient support programs and resources, and collaborating and communicating with all appropriate client stakeholders.

Meet Steve Fields.

Vice President of Field Access and Reimbursement​

With over 15 years of leadership experience in field access, Steve has successfully navigated the challenges of both start-up and large-size companies. Throughout his career, he has specialized in implementing effective Hub, FRM and Patient Access strategies, developing go-to-market models, and achieving launch excellence.

His expertise in this field has earned him recognition for his collaborative and innovative approach, as well as for his ability to align FRMs with broader commercial strategies.

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