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Phlebotomy Service Supports MS Patient Safety and Improves Quality of Life

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The Challenge

A multinational pharmaceutical company required a large-scale, multi-year, UK-wide phlebotomy service to support two of its treatments for multiple sclerosis.  

Regular blood monitoring is a critical part of treatment to ensure long-term patient wellness and safety. It’s particularly important for one of the products, which requires up to four years of monthly blood tests after the last infusion.   

However, hospital visits can be hugely stressful, time-consuming and logistically challenging for patients, many of whom are working and/or have mobility and cognitive issues.  

There are also enormous strains on the country’s National Health Service (NHS). Many community-based phlebotomy clinics have not reopened after the COVID pandemic, adding further pressures to already-overstretched hospital phlebotomy departments.

Our Solution

At Inizio Engage, we’re experts at managing dedicated home phlebotomy services that focus on patient needs, while meeting rigorous clinical standards and client targets.  

For these products, we deployed a team of highly trained, experienced phlebotomists who today visit over 630 patients a month. Each phlebotomist manages their own diary, booking in patients, calling in advance to remind them of the visits, collecting blood (and often urine) samples and taking them to over 50 different NHS partners.    

Blood is typically taken at people’s home or work at a time that’s convenient for them. The phlebotomists also carry out patient monitoring, reporting any concerns or issues back to MS teams.  

We also provide a dedicated clinical concierge service for patients and HCPs to support them with queries and handle appointments.  

The home service proved invaluable during the COVID pandemic. Our phlebotomists quickly and seamlessly adapted their approach to ensure vulnerable patients could still have their blood taken at home, maintaining patient safety.   

The Results

For our client, the MS phlebotomy service has been consistently successful for eight years and counting, with KPIs consistently hitting 100%.  

For the NHS, it’s helped to reduce pressure, while supporting clinicians through patient monitoring.  

And most importantly, for hundreds of people living with this life-changing condition, we continue to provide a reliable, personal service of the highest clinical standards, ensuring patient safety often over many years.  

Beyond this, for many patients – particularly during the isolating months of COVID – our phlebotomists have become welcome and familiar faces, providing comfort and support on a monthly basis. The hundreds of messages and overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received demonstrate the immeasurable value our phlebotomists bring to patients in terms of improved convenience, reduced stress and a better quality of life.  

  • 4,000 patients referred since 2015.
  • 100% of patients registered within 24hrs of referral. 
  • 100% successful blood draws.
  • 100% blood appointments serviced on time.
  • 100% adverse events reported on time.
  • 9.95/10 patient satisfaction.
  • 9.75/10 Likeliness of patient to recommend service.
  • 9.50/10 patient satisfaction for booking an appointment.