Home Insights 10+ Year MS Patient Solutions Program Results in 75,000 Concurrent Patients Enrolled

10+ Year MS Patient Solutions Program Results in 75,000 Concurrent Patients Enrolled

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The Challenge

Central Nervous System (CNS) focused pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to transition from multiple incumbents to single source service provider.

Goal was to provide a technology-driven patient-centric program with in-home and virtual supplemental training and patient education.

Our Solution

Program has supported over 6 product launches and has expanded/downsized numerous times to meet ever changing business needs of the MS portfolio​.

Omnichannel approach providing traditional in-home or contact center support in addition to SMS/text, mobile app integration with real-time chat support and email.

Providing whole patient support that meets patients where they are, both in mindset and channel, while incorporating social determinants of health to identify those at highest risk for non-adherence:

  • Field Clinical Educators – Franchise/multiple product support
  • 24/7 Hotline Virtual Clinical Educators – Franchise support
  • Outbound patient support – Product A
  • Outbound patient support – Product B

The Results

75,000 concurrent patients enrolled in support program.

HCP feedback loop provided by Field Clinical Educators:

  • NPS average = 99%
  • First call resolution = >92%
  • Ongoing patient engagement over 50% at 60 day+ (average)
  • Negative attrition has been <1% for past 5 years of program; resulting in continuity with customers and brand loyalty

Recent data** has indicated over 8,500 incremental product shipments for one product alone resulting in over $38M in incremental Net Revenue attributed to successful clinical educator interactions (**Calculated internally by client)