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Ashfield Nordic has become Inizio Engage Nordic

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In June 2023 Ashfield Nordics became Inizio Engage Nordic.  A purpose-built brand, set to change the way the industry interacts with its customers, Inizio Engage now combines the strength, expertise, and proven track record of Ashfield Engage and The Creative Engagement Group into a unified global strategic, commercial, and creative engagement partner.

Inizio Engage was formed in response to the rapidly evolving product and commercialization landscape in health and life sciences.  Faced with mounting pricing pressures and fewer product approvals, companies need to commercialize more efficiently than ever and realize the promise of omnichannel engagements to reach and engage with disparate HCP and patient populations.  Powering over 7 million engagements annually, Inizio Engage offers an unparalleled level of expertise in creating and delivering personalized customer experiences that inspire change and improve patient outcomes.

Drawing upon more than 7,000 global experts, Inizio Engage now encompasses analytics, technology, training, and delivery experience across health and life sciences to ensure the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right channel to affect change. Inizio Engage’s service offerings are grouped into five specialist areas:

  • Decision Optimization – brings together expertise in data and integrated insights, treatment experience design, independent industry benchmarking and market access. All combine unique methodologies, advanced analytics, and deep expertise to ensure clients’ engagement strategies become their best source of competitive advantage.
  • XD (Experience Design) – combines insight, expertise, and creative to design and deliver world class experiences that engage people, change mindsets and behavior, enrich cultures, enhance skills, and drive overall business performance.
  • Patient Solutions – harnesses the power of empathy and insights to enhance access and adherence, delivering patient-centric engagement solutions built upon a strong culture and heritage, a wide range of capabilities, deep expertise, and partnership.
  • Medical Affairs – provides vital medical information and compelling scientific dialogue to meet regulatory requirements, achieve business objectives, and enhance the customer experience.
  • Commercial – combines the latest technology and data-driven insights with motivated teams to create innovative omnichannel solutions designed to accelerate sales performance and maximize commercial success.

Commenting on the launch, Greg Flynn, Global President, Inizio Engage said: “Reaching HCPs and patients is getting more complex and challenging, due to seismic changes across the industry. That’s why we have decided to combine these two leading organizations together.

“By working as one, united, Inizio Engage brand, we can better leverage our respective talents and methodologies to create streamlined engagement opportunities across the product lifecycle, and power more effective engagement solutions. But more importantly, we empower our employees to share their passion and expertise in a broader context to deliver change in healthcare.”

This transition not only strengthens Inizio Engage´s position and capabilities globally but also in the Nordics. “We will continue to have presence in all Nordic countries- building upon our heritage from 1995 in Nordic Life science” comments Nordic GM Anton Ekblom.

Anton Ekblom continues; “With the combined services of all the five specialist areas we can now provide tailor made solutions to our customer’s commercial challenges, delivering outcomes driven by the expertise of our people, actionable technology and flawless execution to deliver their strategic ambitions. This includes to continue to be an Engaged partner for recruitment needs in any of the Nordic countries”.