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Winners of Inizio Engage’s Global Awards for Women’s Empowerment announced

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We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2024 Global Awards for Women’s Empowerment! These prestigious awards, designed to recognize the invaluable contributions of our incredible women and advocates, were launched on International Women’s Day. In line with our ‘We ask ‘what if?’ value, these awards celebrate the diverse ways women in our organization inspire and empower others.

Winners were selected based on nominations submitted by their colleagues in the following categories:

  1. Authentic Leader Award: A woman who exhibits excellent leadership and has made substantial achievements is given the Authentic Leader Award. She has shown honesty and sincerity in her leadership, and she has inspired and motivated others to be who they truly are.
  2. Catalyst for Change Award: The Catalyst for Change Award honors a woman who has shown a dedication to supporting and promoting positive change in the workplace. This honor is given to a woman who has spoken out on significant problems using her platform and voice and who has fought to affect positive change via her actions and leadership.
  3. Advocate Award: The Advocate Award recognizes an ally (gender neutral) who offers encouragement and resources to help women achieve their goal. A team player who champions for the inclusion of women and paves the road to empower women in leadership roles.

Presenting the winners:

Authentic Leader Award:

1. Conceicao Simao (Committed, Caring, Inspiring)

“What I admire most about Conceicao is her ability to challenge established norms and lead with courage. She has overcome obstacles and paved the way for other women to attain leadership positions. Her determination and ability to inspire others to follow her example are qualities that I deeply admire.”

2. Jenny Reid-Young (Empathetic, Inspiring, Passionate)

“Jenny is driven, hard-working and at the top of her game. Her knowledge and passion for MI is undeniable and listening to her talk to clients and colleagues is such a joy. Jenny understands that everything is a team effort and will constantly give positive feedback to ensure she gains the best out of her team. Jenny has allowed me to observe and learn outside my role. Jenny is appreciative of everyone’s work and allows them to shine by ensuring that their role and tasks are best suited to them.”

3. Bea Makowka (Inspiring, Empathetic, Empowering)

“Bea impacts her team, and other teams in the organization in a very positive way. She communicates collaboratively, building strong relationships, driving necessary changes, and managing by example. She is results oriented and very aware of business needs. Bea is a benchmark in her profession. With a career full of successes, every day you can learn something new with her.”

Catalyst for Change Award:

1. Isobel Donaldson (Innovative, Empowering, Creative)

“Isobel is an inspiration through her remarkable commitment and achievements, along with her ability to initiate and implement positive change through determination, vision and teamwork while empowering and supporting others. Isobel is a role model regarding resilience, innovation, positive impact, teamwork, humility, and integrity.”

2. Kirstin Thiem (Dedicated, Impactful, Selfless)

“Kirstin is always trying to understand our customers and their needs. Based on her understanding, she suggests viable solutions for our customers as well as solutions for internal matters. If she notices a need for change, she will take her time to come up with possible solutions which she will try to place and present without hesitation.”

3. Elise Ratcliffe (Compassionate, Determined, Inspiring)

“Every day Elise approaches her tasks in a purposeful, fair, and unbiased way. She always takes the time to step back and evaluate every situation to ensure a fair and consistent solution is implemented. She drives her ideas through, in a professional and thoughtful manner. She has made very important moves for our organization which hold a significant positive impact on all our employees.”

Advocate Award:

1. Andrea Erlichman (Passionate, Supportive, Driven)

“Andrea has an innate ability to empower. She truly demonstrates the actions of an advocate and authentic mentor.  She is not renting in this space for a short-term goal, but fulling invested in her commitment to support others in the long term.”

2. Lidija Fuchs (Compassionate, Brave, Loyal)

“For Lidija, the success and achievement of Inizio Engage’s goals always comes first. She gives people from all backgrounds a chance. Lidija has given women in particular a chance to get a job, a job interview or an internship, specifically refugees and those with an immigration background. I find that impressive and it opens great opportunities for disadvantaged women.”

3. Samantha Loshiavo (Encouraging, Supportive, Collaborative)

“Samantha champions and supports the women on the Film team. She ensures the women on her team are being treated fairly and advocates on our behalf to make it so. She is a leader who facilitates a positive environment where we can thrive independently but also one where it is encouraged to ask for help or advice when needed.”



We believe that recognizing the exceptional contributions of our employees is just a small part of our broader commitment to fostering an inclusive environment at Inizio Engage. We’re committed to ensuring people feel like they belong with us and are empowered to create a career they are proud of.


Please join us in congratulating our incredibly deserving winners.


Greg Flynn, Global President