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COVID Patients Kept Out of Hospital Thanks to At-Home Nurse Service ​

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The Challenge

Although Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency, it’s still considered a serious threat to public health – especially to those who are immunocompromised. To support at-risk, Covid-positive patients, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) prescribes a neutralizing monoclonal antibody to reduce the risk of them developing severe symptoms and requiring hospitalization.    

Patients are offered the infusion treatment at a local clinic or in the comfort of their own homes. To support the overstretched NHS, Inizio Engage was asked to provide the home service in parts of England.

“Working with Inizio Engage is seamless, efficient and above all else, transformational.”

Our Solution

We set up a full, end-to-end solution, with a dedicated infusion team that includes nurses, a nurse manager, and a concierge to triage referrals from the hospital clinician. For each referral, the nurse calls the patient, confirms consent to visit, picks up the medication therapy from the pharmacy, transports them to the patient’s home in cold storage, and administers the treatment. Optimum Therapy treatment is within five days to maximize the chances of stopping the most severe symptoms. 

With each patient, our specialist, trained nurses take the time to understand how they’re feeling, putting their mind at ease by walking them through the treatment and answering any questions. The nurse will also take the patient’s blood pressure and temperature before administering the infusion, which takes around 30 minutes. Monitoring takes place before, during, and after infusion. 

Once the treatment is completed, our nurse submits a clinical evaluation form to the hospital and the patient’s doctor if requested.

We hold regular meetings with the NHS to track progress and to come up with solutions to any challenges. In particular, we are able to scale up quickly when there are surges in infections to make sure patients get the potentially life-saving treatment they need.  

„The Covid-infusion service wouldn’t have been possible without the flexibility and hard work of the Inizio Engage team.”

The Results

Since starting this service in 2022, the infusion team has treated over 600 patients and continues to provide an invaluable, flexible service to support the NHS and vulnerable people. By treating hundreds of patients in their own homes, this service has reduced the likelihood of hospitalization and even potentially saved lives.  

  • 88% of referrals treated successfully (6% withdrawn due to a decrease in symptoms; 6% of referrals received after 5-day window).

Inizio Engage’s adaptability and enthusiasm for transformation is inspirational, they are always happy to lead the direction of any service.”