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Community Action Week: How Inizio Engage Employees Unite to Make a Difference

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Greg Flynn

For the second year in a row, Inizio Engage employees worldwide are excited to volunteer our time and talents in our local communities as part of Community Action Week. We will serve our neighbors through a variety of community service activities, working to make a positive impact on the places where we live and work.

We recently sat down with Greg Flynn, Global President of Inizio Engage, to talk about the upcoming events and why this week matters so much for our employees and the communities we serve. Greg emphasized how Community Action Week is a time for us to unite across differences and lend a helping hand to those in need. By bridging divides and supporting each other, we can build stronger connections and uplift those around us. At its core, this week is about living our values of empowerment, collaboration, innovation, and integrity to make a positive change.

Community Service at Inizio Engage: Investing in Our Communities

Community service is important to our people because it allows us to foster understanding and empathy for our neighbors, and to give back using our talents and skills, in addition to our financial resources.

“We believe actions speak louder than words. That’s why our annual Community Action Week is so important. This special week gives our employees the chance to roll up their sleeves and engage directly with the towns and cities we call home,” Greg said.

Whether it’s writing letters to the kids that work with Gemma Services in Philadelphia, donating to the West Island Mission in Canada to help families facing food insecurity, or painting with deaf children in Austria, being able to participate in these events together creates a spirit of collaboration and satisfaction knowing that our efforts are truly making a difference.

Community Action Week: A Chance to Make a Difference

Community Action Week, set to take place between October 23 – 27, 2023, is an opportunity for all of us at Inizio Engage to rise to the challenge and put our commitment to helping others into action. With the combined power of 7,000 employees globally, we have a chance to empower those around us to effect meaningful change. During this week, every employee will have the opportunity to participate in various activities. These activities will be a mixture of in-person, virtual, and „hands-off“ events like fundraising. Every effort counts, and we hope that you can join us and be inspired to take the time to give back to your local communities during this week and celebrate community with us. Inizio Engage is an organization that cares deeply about the well-being of our communities and our planet. Our mission is to create compelling moments and impactful experiences that inspire change worldwide, and events like Community Action Week are a tangible way for us to make this vision a reality.

“At Inizio Engage, our core values guide everything we do. During Community Action Week, I’m inspired to see these values in action as we empower our colleagues to make a tangible difference,” Greg said.

“By rising to the challenge and working as one, we can drive meaningful change in our local communities. When we empower people to lend their passions and talents to a common purpose, we can truly transform lives. I’m proud of the impact we are making by living our values of empowering others, collaborating, innovating, and acting with integrity. Most of all, I’m grateful to work alongside people who care so deeply about improving lives worldwide.“