Acceuil Insights Home Phlebotomy Service Brings Comfort and Convenience for Young Patients and their Families

Home Phlebotomy Service Brings Comfort and Convenience for Young Patients and their Families

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The Challenge

Wilson’s disease is a rare genetic disorder that causes an excessive buildup of copper in the body, typically affecting the brain and liver. Those living with Wilson’s can experience a wide range of serious symptoms, but with early detection, a careful diet and medication, people can lead relatively normal lives. Left untreated, the condition is fatal.  

Our healthcare logistics client was delivering a new oral-based medication to Wilson’s disease patients – typically children – for them to take at home. However, in order to take the medicine safely, the patients require blood and urine monitoring to ensure they’re receiving the correct dosage at the right times.  

These children already have to make frequent hospital visits, so adding further appointments to have blood taken (and bring in two litres of urine) is hugely time-consuming, logistically challenging and sometimes distressing. Parents may have to take time off work, while children will often have to miss school. Some of the patients also have other complicating factors, such as autism. 

In addition, taking blood in hospital places an extra burden on over-stretched NHS teams, with appointments often needing to be made several weeks in advance.  

Our Solution

To minimize the need, inconvenience and stress of extra hospital visits, we set up a dedicated home phlebotomy service.  

Our experienced phlebotomists visit the children in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes, at times that suit them. Appointments can be booked at relatively short notice, the whole process takes less than an hour, and our phlebotomists are experts in helping the children feel calm and relaxed.  

The phlebotomists also call two days before each appointment to remind the parents of the visit and ask them to begin collecting urine samples. The blood and urine are then taken by the phlebotomists to the relevant hospital on the same day.   

Our team also completed summary of care reports, including reporting adverse events to the patients’ clinical teams, with which the phlebotomists have forged strong relationships.

The Results

Our phlebotomy service continues to be a success, with all patients seen within 24 hours of referral, and all samples successfully taken and delivered to hospitals on the same day.

As well as supporting the NHS clinical team, reducing workload and ensuring medication is correctly prescribed, our service also means these young patients and their families are spared the need to visit hospital more than necessary.

Having blood and urine collected from home is fast, convenient and much less distressing for the child and their parents. The phlebotomists build a friendly rapport with these families, who they may visit several times.  

By putting their minds at ease and making the process as quick and relaxing as possible, our phlebotomists are helping to increase the quality of life for these young Wilson’s disease sufferers.  

“The parents find it much easier having someone come to the house and the children feel more comfortable at home having their blood taken. All the feedback I’ve had has been very positive and families are grateful for the service.” – Nicky Dakin, Phlebotomist, Inizio Engage UK