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Transforming the potential of your people and the performance of your teams

Today’s challenges need new capabilities.

Developing the capabilities of individuals unlocks their potential and equips them with the skills and confidence to solve future challenges, resulting in real business impact.

The success of an organization is now, more than ever, driven by the ingenuity, resilience and capabilities of its people to deliver:

Leadership at all levels​

Core commercial skills​

Advanced communication ability

Capability development.

For over 12 years, Cormis has been providing exceptional commercial and medical capability interventions, tailored and specific to the existing, real-world capabilities your organisation requires to succeed. We transform potential by focusing on 3 core capabilities:

Cormis integrates capability development with on-the-job strategic challenge.


High quality, scalable capability interventions for a hybrid world.

Cormis leadership team.

Charlotte Morris


Dan Masquelier


Sue Lohr


Ian Close


Ila Garner-Patel


Bob Dufour


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