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A life sciences learning partner through launch excellence, sustainability and portfolio market leadership.

Renowned industry leader in life sciences training.

Since 2003, Axiom has been helping cross-functional teams achieve and maintain their leadership in evolving competitive landscapes by providing unforgettable learning experiences.

Our history.

Renowned industry leader in scientific training.

2019: Launched in Europe

Our life sciences training team in North America were joined by our scientific engagement team in Europe.

2003: Founded

Since 2003, Axiom, based in Yardley, PA, has been helping companies maximize the effectiveness of training and development in the life sciences.

Our approach.

Axiom’s human-centric approach to learning combines instructional design with behavioral science, deep scientific expertise and creative thinking to create learning experiences that inspire lasting change.

Scientific excellence.

Axiom’s award-winning scientific content is curated with a large in-house team of PhDs, PharmDs, MSs, and clinician consultants working collectively with our in-house Instructional Design team.

Today we continue to be at the forefront of personalized medicine with Centers of Excellence in:

  • Oncology/Hematology
  • Rare Diseases
  • Chronic Disease Management

Collaboration is the fabric of our team.

We invest in highly talented account, scientific, creative and project management professionals who come together around a single mission: To be a trusted and strategic long-term agency partner that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional learning experiences with a continuous focus on client-centricity.

Axiom leadership team.

Terri Harchar

Managing Director, Axiom

Maddy Allen

Head of Axiom Europe

Kalee Sue Cimorosi

Head of Client Engagement, North America

Shawn Jordan

Scientific Strategy Director

Claire Smart, PhD

Head of Scientific Services

Lynn Lentz

Director of Learning, Development & Project Operations

Tina Laganella

Creative Director

Josh Gleim

Senior Director, Digital